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Episode 52

#52: 3 Reasons You Should Study Your Audience, and How

In this episode, Jeanette talks about the top three reasons you should study your audience. She also talks about the power of knowing your audience. Jeanette talks about how to study your audience today.

2:00 The importance of studying your audience

3:40 How to study your target audience

5:55 How to find your target audience

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Hey, girl, hey, I am so excited to be back because this week we're talking about your audience. You know, if you don't have an audience, you have no one to buy your stuff. If you don't have an audience, it's going to be really hard to sell to them as a personal brand. So you know what you need to do. You need to study your audience, constantly. You need to constantly be taking a pulse check on your audience. So let me tell you why. You need to do that. Because the more we know our target audience, the more we understand them, the more we can create an effective marketing strategy and provide better customer service. I mean, the first thing we need to do is understand who they are as a person. We didn't know what their likes are their dislikes. Let's say that I'm selling sticky notes. Am I selling it to moms or women? What colors am I going to be using? Then also it's used though their pain points. Are they using sticky notes instead of a piece of paper? Is it a preference? Do they need to stick things on thing I don't know. But you need to know why they need to do it. Some people will say don't use pain points. Some people will say use use something to get them out of hell island like alright, we want to elevate you out of this area instead of saying this is what you are and like poke at their pain like put your finger in the wound a little bit. You know it's all strategy, do what you want. It's definitely ethical to do either one is just is right. So just figure out which way you want to do it and just do it consistently because that's your take on marketing strategy. Now the second thing we need to know is why it's beneficial to know your audience right. So once you understand your audience, you can create content and the more content you have as a personal brand, as a coach, whatever you are, is that how you create those relationships people buy from people they know people have that know like and trust factor. And with that, then you can create content that is engaging to the people you're trying to attract. Because ultimately we want to make money. This is a business that's the entire point of this whole thing. Right? And then also once you discover who your audience is, we can make products that are exactly for those people and better services people who are already in our orbit. Because those are the people that we know are lifers. Those are the people who are going to be with us for everything we sell after a while because they know us they liked us and everything we're putting out is hot they want it because they know they know us. They know who we are based on our content about the relationships we're building. And now when you're studying your audience, these are the things you need to do. Alright, get out a pen because I need you to remember these things on how to study your audience because you need to be doing this constantly. And when I say constantly, I mean like almost every day, almost every day you need to be doing something or watching something or having a pulse on your target audience. Okay, so now that you got your PIN, this is what you need to be doing. You need to make making polls in your your Instagram, in your Instagram and your stories. Make a poll. Do you like this or this? Do you like these colors? Or these colors? Do you like does this make you feel good or this make you feel good? Is this more of your problem or is this more of your problem? So I want you to be making these polls and it doesn't have to be some sophisticated like a 10 question yes or no thing. It can just be a few a day. And most of them can be fun stuff. People like to do quizzes just because they're quizzes. I love a good quiz. So you can be like is your favorite color purple or pink? And that could have nothing to do with anything you're putting out. It could just just be a fun question. That you want to know about your people. And that's great, because people want to they it's like very nondescript is very less threatening until you're like, Hey, do you do you guys rather have an email sent to you every day or text message sent to your phone every day? Because that's a marketing strategy that people are doing is they're sending text messages. So you're pulling your audience asking them what do they like? And then you're like, Okay, I do want to add one of these two things to my my next repertoire for the next quarter was what am I going to do? What is my audience like? That's how you find out right? Then another thing you could do is like go in other Facebook groups. I'm in a bunch of Facebook groups of people who have bigger accounts than me because I'm not going to run my own Facebook group. I already told you that. That's not for me this year. So I will go into other people's Facebook groups and look at what they're doing and look at questions they have and maybe ask a question. I might ask a question in there and see what people are saying, because those people might or may not be my target audience. And then once I see the answers, I look at those people and say, Is this somebody that I'm trying to attract yes or no? And then I take that answer with a grain of salt based on that. Okay. And then you could also look at your social media analysis. Okay, you've got, you've got all this stuff on your phone, they will tell you people like this. People watch this reel. They did not watch this reel and you don't always know who that audience is. But it's good to know if that if one of those reels goes viral. Right. This is what the more this is the type of content that I'm going to continue to put out because people are liking this, or people understand this from me. I want to be known for this. I'm going to keep putting this out even if it's not in first, because it never does. It never does. So keep doing your thing. So the thing is, you have to be consistent and persistent with your audience to understand that and to be putting out content that is engaging to that. Right. So now I want you to understand completely who your audience is, and your ability to create successful content and business offerings for that person. Because at the end of the day, your business is to make money, your business is to serve people well. And you have to know who you're serving in order to serve them well. So I think that pretty high IQ, but I think that you need to go study your audience. Because I'm studying you Bo. I'm studying you

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