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Episode 75

#75: Business Goals as Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Godly business goals for Kingdom entrepreneur that you are. The main concern of a God-centered business is always impact, to make an impact on people's lives and businesses, and to give to others. Money is important not only for the sake of making money but for the possibilities it gives you to serve God through your business. Tune in and learn how you can find your divine calling and live out your mission to change people's lives for the kingdom of God

Money is a tool to use to do God's work on Earth, rather than a means to achieve personal goals. Remember, "God's got this" and He will takew care of you, He will provide, so knowing that and trusting in Him, you can release the goal of accumulating wealth just for personal gain. Impact and giving are the two main goals for kingdom entrepreneurs.

If it sounds scary, perhaps you haven't found your purpose or calling in life, or if you have found it and are yet to discover how to put it to use, listen to this episode AND take the quiz linked below!

In this episode: 

  • Goal setting as a kingdom entrepreneur
  • Doing God's work on Earth 
  • Giving in the name of God

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As Kingdom entrepreneurs. There are some big goals that we need to have. And it's not money. Sorry, it's not money. Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business as aligned with God's will? Hey, girl. Hey, I'm do that business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said Selita and I had to find my true calling.

Want to know how God directed my life from a cybersecurity engineer to a faith and business mentor? In this podcast, I'll teach you how to start a business. How to know your business is God's calling. Monetization Techniques. How to trust the Holy Spirit and how does set boundaries to listen to His Word alone, ready to become unapologetically unstoppable.

Hey, girl. Hey. Oh, my gosh. And this episode, I'm so excited because we're going to talk about godly business goals, because business goals for a kingdom entrepreneur are way different. If you're only worried about money. Because in my life, I'm more worried about the Kingdom of God bringing it down to earth like I'm called to do, as a Christian entrepreneur, a kingdom entrepreneur.

That's what I'm here for. So our goals are going to be a little bit different than if we're just about making them dollar bills. My goal is not to be on a yacht. I don't care about that. My goal is to literally do God's work on Earth with money, because money is a tool, not because I want to go do whatever I want with it in my life.

God rules everything around me, you know what I'm saying? So I don't have to worry about food or shelter or anything like that because I have got and I trust him to guide my steps and to do the things that he will do to take care of me so I can help him take care of others. Because although God is a spiritual natural being, He is not on Earth.

He is in us though through the Holy Spirit, picking up what I'm putting down. So we are the hands and feet of God, literally, because when Jesus died, He said, I'm going to give you the Holy Spirit to dwell within you. A piece of God will be in you. So we have to do what God would do on Earth and listen, you feel me, you feel me.

Okay? So as a business owner and a kingdom producer, my goals are literally two things. I was trying to make a list and I like to do like a big thing of three because that just makes sense to me. But I only have two goals as a kingdom entrepreneur. The impact I want to make impact for the kingdom.

I want to make impact to change lives for the kingdom. I want to make impact in businesses. So that way other people can do the same thing I'm doing, which is being the hands and feet of Jesus. If I can help other people do those things, if I can teach people the things that I know that God has given me with to do the same things and their way that they can meet people where they're at and their town and their cities, wherever they are on earth, to change the heart postures of other people.

So that way they can also be a part of the Kingdom of God here on Earth. Let's go. That's what I'm about. That's what I was here for. That's my mission. That is the divine calling that God has placed upon me. Let's go. And if you don't know what your divine calling is, I actually have a quiz for you.

So I'm going to be in the show notes. You can see it because I want you to take the quiz to find out what your divine calling is and how you can be a part of the Kingdom of God, too. This is like something that everybody has, so I don't care what you're doing if you're a trash woman, if you're in the military like I was, if you are just a mom, just a mom, you still have a divine calling that God wants you to do for His Kingdom.

Now, mine is not to work with children. Straight up it's not. But yours could be. So if you take the quiz, you might find out a little bit more about yourself and what God wants to do through you. Okay, so check out the show notes for that. And the second thing is giving, giving my time, giving my heart, giving whatever I have, because I don't care about any of the things I have.

I was telling my husband the other day, if God told us that we have to live on base, let's go. If God told us we have to pick up and move and go to another country, go to another city. Let's go. I don't care. I don't need any of the things I have because I have God. It's like a whole other mindset when all you care about is doing his work.

Don't care. I have lots of things right? As we're human beings, we're we're human beings in America. We've got too much stuff as it is. We just have all this stuff, this abundance. And if you don't think you have an abundance, just go look at the people in Africa. They don't have nothing. I'm just saying. Okay, so we have all this abundance that we're blessed with.

We literally live like kings, especially compared to those in biblical times. So when we have so much, it's so easy to give it away. Whatever God is prompting me to give, I'm going to give. And I don't just give because I feel obligated or because I feel pressured into it. I don't do that. I don't use pressure as a tactic to give because that's just B.S. I'm not doing that.

But if God tells me in my heart I feel that prompting in my heart that says, Hey, this person needs this. What you're giving them, give it to them. Cool. I can do that. Done. This person needs a vehicle. I'm telling you to give them a vehicle. Cool. Doing it. This person needs some money. Give them some money.

Cool doing it. But if I see somebody sitting on the street corner and they've got a sign that says, I need money for my kids and whatever, unless I feel the prompting, I'm not giving. I'm just not. I think that God works in ways that I don't understand and I take direction from him. I don't take direction from where I want people to see me doing or think I should be doing.

I only take direction from God. So those are the literally the only two things in business that matter to me. My impact and giving. I mean, obviously I care about the money part of it, right? Because if I don't get money, I can't give. But bottom line is impact and giving. So when you're thinking about your business goals, yes, there's a bottom line.

Yes, there are numbers involved. But what percentage are you giving? What impact are you trying to leave on the world whenever you have money or however much you have, the more of a you get, the more of that person you already are, you'll become. So if you were a giver and a tither, when you make $30,000, you're going to be an even bigger giver and an even bigger tither when you make $300,000.

But if you think you don't have enough to give when you have $30,000, you're not going to give enough to give when you have $300,000. You know what I'm saying? It's a mindset thing. It is not an actual numbers problem. It is all mindset. I've got a friend who was like, Yeah, I can't type. Like I don't make enough money.

Go down in your lifestyle. You go to Starbucks a lot. I mean, you could just type. You could type. I mean, you could I mean, you will get less Starbucks but oh well, use like the Walmart brand whatever. It's still the same stuff. Side note, I was like watching a Kim Kardashian something or other and I was like, she has like this big, huge refrigerator, which I don't know why you need several big, huge refrigerators as well.

She does have a lot of kids, I think. I don't know. But she does have like milk in there. And it was like milk that I see at Walmart. So you can either be rich and buy the rich milk or you can be not rich and buy the not rich milk. It's all milk, you know what I'm saying?

Like they still people that are rich still buy the same things. So if you don't have the capacity financially to buy the expensive milk, buy the cheap milk and give the rest to God. Because you know what I guarantee you, he's a do more with my 10% than I can do with my 90%. I am only here on this earth to be a good steward of the things he's given me.

That's it. So be a steward of the things he gives you because then he'll give you an interest. You with more. That's what I want. I want more. I say the prayer of Jabez. I don't know if you heard it, but it's basically says, God, increase my territory. I want to be the hands and feet of you and protect me from you devils so I don't do evil, protect me from all the things.

And he will do that. Just Google the prayer of Jabez, okay? I don't have it memorized, but that's basically the gist of it. Okay, so as a kingdom entrepreneur, what are the two things that you find to be the most impactful for your business? What are your business goals? Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that.

So share this episode, leave a review. And I would love if you could watch my free workshop at Jeannette Petersen dot com slash missing piece I'll see you guys over on the grams at Jeannette Peterson, bye.

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