Episode 60

What are the 7 Gifts from God?

Do you know what your gifts from God are? In this episode, Jeanette talks about the seven gifts from God, what they are, how they could manifest in people, and how you can use them to serve God. Tune in to learn more about this topic and about the quiz you can take to identify your gifts.

Discovering your unique gifts is an important part of your ministry. God has given us all unique gifts, that's one of the most fascinating things about the body of Christ because all of these are quite different and they are all needed; you can do so much and reach so far when your efforts are going in the right direction. 

At first, you could be overwhelmed or confused due to the many things you enjoy doing or that you are good at, so you can't pinpoint your gifts. Or you may not even be aware of your talents, either way, in the next twenty minutes you will get detailed descriptions of each gift and how to "spot" them. You can also learn where to take the quiz that Jeanette has prepared for you.

In this episode:

  • What are the 7 gifts of God
  • Prophecy
  • Serving
  • Teaching
  • Encouragement
  • Giving
  • Leading
  • Mercy 


  • Romans 12:6
  • Romans 12:9-15

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Do you know what your gifts from God are? Because I do. Hey, girl. Hey. I'm so excited to talk to you about the gifts of God. Right. So there are. There are about eight gifts that God gives. And you can look and Romans 12 six. These are the gifts that God gifts. So the gifts are prophecy, serving, teaching, encouragement, giving, leading and mercy.

Seven Sorry, you can't count. These gifts are so frickin good. You are so good. And I'm making a quiz. So that way you can find out what your gifts are. So if you want this quiz, follow me on Instagram at Jeanette Peterson, because those people are going to be a first. Okay. So prophecy, the gift of prophecy is not what you think it is.

Gift prophecy is not just being like a psychic or a medium. I don't even want to get too deep into it because I want you guys to find me on Instagram. Right. And then also the gift of serving. The gift of serving is like I am the person who's always going to be there at the very end. I'm the person who's putting up the chairs at the end.

I’m the person that’s washing dishes, that’s a server. A teacher is somebody who is not only like somebody who is great at teaching, they’re great at researching, they’re great at learning, they’re great at studying. They’re good at all of those things that we did in high school that I’m not good at. That’s not my gift. That’s not my gift.

And then also the gift of encouragement. I thought encouragement before I started doing research was just like a pat on the back. Like, Yeah, man, you're doing great. You're doing awesome. That's not what it is. The gift of encouragement is more like I am going to use the word of the Bible and show you exactly how to be encouraged by His Word, to be encouraged with love from God the entire time.

And the gift of giving is more like by naturally. But it’s not just financial resources, it’s a resource based gift. Right? So if you have a resource, if it’s food, if it’s money, if it’s time, these people, not me. These people love, love, love to give whatever they have. But they’re not a person that’s just going to give and give and give till they don’t have anything.

They make sure that they've got a good nest egg and then they start giving an abundance. That's their jam. They just love giving, giving, giving. And they love to. And in fact, they don't even want the limelight. They don't even want anybody to know that they're the ones giving. They like low key, like a humblebrag to maybe like them and their spouse or whatever.

But they are not the person that’s going to be like, yes, I gave $1,000,000 this year. That’s not them. They don’t want that at all. Then the gift of organization, which is also the gift of leadership, I think the low key we hear the gift of leading and we’re like, No, I can’t do that. Or we give the organization.

We're like, I can do that, but I can't lead. But that's exactly what they are together. They're actually very similar things. Okay. So leading is like the gift of being like, all right, we've got this project to do. I know exactly who I'm going to put in each spot because I know what they're good at and what they're not good at.

And we’re going to get this thing going. You’re organizing people. You’re organizing things. You were a project manager. You were doing great things. And then we’ve got the gift of mercy. So in the gift of mercy, I didn’t understand this one. So I did a lot of research on this. The gift of mercy is actually like an empath.

You feel people you feel people so deeply that you're like, oh, my goodness, I really, really want to make sure that you are helped. I have to help somebody. I can't not help somebody. I have to constantly be helping somebody. And you do it cheerfully because that's what you do. You just love to help somebody. So now I'm going to bring it back on to prophecy because y'all, I think I might be a prophet.

I think I might be a prophet, but not in. I am definitely not no psychic. I could tell you that for sure. Not a psychic. The gift of prophecy is being bold, unapologetic in your faith. And when I read that, I was like, Holy cow, that. That is me. That is so me. Okay, so I'm going to read you some guidelines for what it says in the Bible about being a prophet.

I'm just out with prophet serving and going down the list. Okay. Okay. A prophet is somebody who likes to motivate people to expose their sin. So that way their relationships with God are restored. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they speak out against compromise and evil. Everything to them is very black and white. They like to encourage people in the faith because of what happens.

And this is like a core verse for them is let love be genuine, abhor what is evil, hold fast to what is good. That is Romans 12 nine. Like that really gives like that speaks to my soul that speaks my soul. Black and white is what I love. Like especially being in the military. That is just how my brain works.

It's either wrong or it's right. There's not like a gray. I don't really see gray. So I was like, Wait a second, that's interesting. So if you do have this gift, if you are given this gift, it's especially important for you to be with a clear conscience is especially important for you to always speak truth, be bold, but do it with the absolute purest version of God love.

nd in a verse, this is Romans:

You make everybody feel like they are the most important person, right? You are the person that's like, look, I just want to serve you love it. Like you love doing like the physical things. You like to see a project through and through. You love the physical things you love cleaning, you love helping, you love picking things up, but only because it helped other people.

And you love doing those menial tasks. You love it. Love it, and you really need to apply the principle of authority and you honor the direction and wishes of those authority figures, whoever is in charge and you love to maintain those those priorities, you need somebody to tell you those priorities. And then you love going with with whatever that is.

is is a verse for you, ROMANS:

A teacher is so concerned with the accuracy of the information, especially church doctrine, and they're really, really good at research like you are so faithfully. Like the principles that you have are like all about investing in the time and success. And you meditate on Scripture because you like to focus on the truth of God's word instead of your own mind.

You're like, I need to know what the truth is. I need to look and find out what the actual thing is. That is my motivation. My motivation is about discovering and validating the truth. It's not about just teaching people to teach people. It's to teach people the right way. I want to make sure that whatever I'm giving people is 100% right.

Like, of course, everybody wants to do that. But this person that's like their life's blood. Okay, the gift of encouragement, also known as exhorting, like this, wants people to just, like, be encouraged in the faith, not just like being a cheerleader, which is what I thought it was to begin with. But you want people to see them mature in their spiritual maturity.

You want people to actually know the Holy Spirit. You want people to actually get faith for yourself. You want people to really feel and learn the spirit that is more important to you than doing somebody dishes. That is more important to you than anything else. It's very deeply into your heart of you need to actually know the Holy Spirit.

so far and exhort for Romans:

That is who you always go back to first. I know a lot of people need to think about like, okay, yes, I have a problem, I need to fix it and then I'll pray about it. People who are disorders and encouraged in the spirit, they know, nope, don't do anything. Pray about it. Then go do something. Pray. Listen to your next word from God and then go do something about it.

That's how they think. First off. So if that is you, I need you in my life. I need you in my life. Giving a person with a motivational gift of giving loves, loves, loves to use their finances wisely because they want to meet the needs of others. They feel like they can always find the best deal. They are always about getting the best bang for their buck.

And Romans:

I know how to use money for good and not evil. It doesn't own me. I own it right. And I can use it because it is a it is a thing, a tool that I can give. But gifting is not always about money. It's about whatever the things you have are. It's about time, it's about resources. It's about knowing how to leverage things for the good of the gospel, for the good of the kingdom.

So if you're a giver, my husband's a giver. He's really good at giving and saving money. And I know that if we if God didn't put us together, that we would I would definitely be in a different place. He is so good at giving and so good at just using our resources wisely. He's in charge of it, so I can't do that.

I will spend it all. Organization also leading, right? They are able to accomplish tasks, solve problems. They use their analytics and delegation to do so. They're like, okay, this is how I can do this project. They're very project based, project oriented. They like goals. They like setting goals for themselves and others. They like meeting those goals. They can see a 15 year plan.

very good at that. And Romans:

So that way your faith can be strengthened. And an organizer always responds to an unexpected events with patience and wisdom and increases sensitivity to the needs of others. So that's what you need to remember to do, because you are a leader, but you're also an organizer. You respond to unexpected events with patience and wisdom. And the last one is the mercy.

The motivational gift of mercy is a spiritual empath, almost. They're very sensitive to emotional and spiritual needs of others. They are drawn to people who need them. They know when people are in need and they have compassion and understanding. They are the person that you go to when you're hurt. They are the person you go to when you're like weeping, when you're crying, when you're hurting, when you're pained.


You can feel it. Those people were the gift of mercy, man. My sister is a person with a gift of mercy and sometimes she gets taken advantage of because she helps so much that it almost hurts her because she wants to help others. So these gifts are amazing. So if you want to go back and look at these gifts, the gifts of prophecy, serving, teaching, exhorting, giving organization or leadership mercy.

Go to my Instagram, Jeanette Dot Peterson, and take the quiz because you're going to learn so much about yourself and you'll see different versions of these these gifts in other people. It's so easy to see the seven motivational gifts in in other people because you know these people and once you understand the gifts, you're like, oh my gosh, oh, my gosh.

This is exactly who they were made to be. Because I want you to know that I want you to know that you were made to be and so you can go after that 100% no matter what. If you're a server, I want you to serve the Lord. I want you to serve all the people in the community. I want you to be a teacher.

I want you to show people what the truth is. You're the person that's going to be like, all right, this word in Hebrew means this. And during this time, these are people who were like this. And that's why this means this. I love hearing those things. I don't like doing the research. Okay. So if you're a teacher, we need you.

We need you to teach people exactly what the word is and you exhort you encourage others. You guys just know the Bible so well. So really the teachers and the orders pretty much go hand in hand. They're like BFFs because one person is spouting the truth the entire time and you're trying to get them to go deeper with Jesus.

So those are two types of ministry, right? You you need both in ministry. I need somebody to teach me exactly what the Bible means and how it works. Then also show me how to get deeper with the Spirit right? We need to get deeper with the Spirit and be with him at all times. He is our life's blood, the people that are givers.

That's why I love the body of Christ, because all of these are so different and they're so needed. The givers make sure the lights stay on and the cheapest way they're going to. They know a guy there that I know a guy person. Oh, this went out. I know a guy. They can get a dump real cheap there then I know a guy.

Guys, I love those people, the leaders. We literally can't do anything without some organization and some leadership. We need those skills and you lovely, mercy filled folks, you guys are the ones that are on the front lines. You guys are the ones that are holding hands with with the forgotten. You guys are holding hands with the widows and the orphans.

That's you. You guys are doing that. And that part of the body of Christ is the part that people see and love so much. You guys are the Mother Teresa's and my prophets. Y'all, we are here slaying in slaying and hate with Jesus we are real with the prayer book We'll right here doing things, saying the Word of God with as much power and furtherance that we can.

And we are doing it because we love Jesus and we love you. We want you to know that you're wrong because you need to go to say it, girl. Yes, you do. We are the bold, unapologetic ain't taken. No, you know what? From nobody. Because that's who we are. And we're doing this with love and truth and boldness and every fiber of our being, because that's who we were made to be.

And I'm obsessed. Obsessed with all of these gifts, y'all. God, it is so amazing how we can just make all these different pieces and all these people so differently get so much a part of him. I love it. I love it. So in the comments, just go to my Instagram, take the quiz.

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