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Episode 21

#21: Gotta Have Faith

Having faith in something you can’t see is one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. It’s almost like trusting something you can’t see a solution for. Do you have faith?

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clarity is reward for your faith. I didn't have a name for the podcast that wasn't doing the podcast. Sometimes you feel like you need all the pieces before you can go make the first step. Just do the first thing. That first thing will help you get to the next thing

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you're listening to the unapologetically unstoppable podcast. It's about going deep into who you are made to be. And following that, no matter what, where your calling is in the front seat, and fear. Well, it's trying to stop you. But fuck that guy, and getting the tools and tips to become an unstoppable. I'm your host, Jeanette Peterson. Where not too long ago, I had to find my calling here. You'll hear from me and other online experts on how to discover your calling the steps to make it happen and how to monetize it. I believe in we're unapologetic about our calling, we become an unstoppable expansive force. So let's get started

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s kid escape to:

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God, God has heard about faith. Because sometimes I know God can. And I know God will. But I don't know how. Sometimes we're going to wait right sometimes sometimes I get a little inkling no doubt. I was like, this is how this is gonna happen. Sometimes I'm like, I don't know how this is gonna happen. But I know. I know. I just got it. No. I'm talking about my aneurysm. I was diagnosed with an aneurysm. It's gonna headaches all the time. And they said, that's one where you had experts do have an aneurysm. We check this you're too young to have an aneurysm you'd actually like to help people get out here, but the size that it is is concerning. So we want to do another test. Everybody in my life was like, Oh my goodness. What are you going to do? How do you feel? Are you okay? Right record the whole time. This is not my problem. This is God's problem. God put something on my heart that I'm supposed to do and if he's gonna give me an aneurysm, it says it's his job to see this third, it is not my problem. I can't cure an aneurysm but he can too. This is his problem. This is not my problem. Why do I have to I'm not worried about this. God's God told me that big things are gonna happen in my life. And that's not gonna happen if I have an aneurysm so I have faith that he gonna fix it Jesus he gonna make this happen like in the biggest failures voice fix it Jesus he gonna do it. But keep asking me like how what how I feel I don't I don't have any feeling this is God's problem. This is not my part. This is too big for me. Now my problem Peridot, not my problem that that I was crazy. That's not that I should be a little concerned. I'm not concerned. Not at all. And then you know what, Praise Jesus. I don't even have an aneurysm. I went to this angiogram where they shoot a bunch of stuff into your brain to see the dye and like see your veins. It hurt my head. I got a migraine from it. But I'm having my I don't have one. I don't have any reason. It's not there. It was a malformation of veins. They look like a little tornado. curlicue? And they're gonna do more tests, but I don't have any of them. Because I had faith for it. I'm not saying this out. Faith always works. I'm telling you how faith works in my life. Okay. I had faith that I have an aneurysm. And if I did have an aneurysm, and this was God's problem, and God said, you actually don't have an aneurysm. I said, I know God. Thank you. I already knew that. I knew that. I believe you. I believe you. I have great faith. I do. I mean, it's sometimes it's hard to explain to other people. But I don't know, but I just do. And little by little I have become more comfortable with not knowing. In the military. I was a control freak. I was the person that knew everything everybody's doing at the exact time because if something didn't go right, then it was my ass. Or somebody else's, because somebody else was gonna get it. If I got it, somebody else gonna get it too. So I knew everything that was happening all the time. And I had to. I felt like I had to claim to have faith in my people. Honestly, I didn't have faith in them. I didn't have faith that they were gonna do the right thing. I didn't have faith that they were going to be there. I'd have faith that they had my best interests at heart. But I don't live that way anymore. Because little by little, the very details, and I'm getting comfortable with that not knowing also. I'm going to obey on what I do know, in spite of what I DON'T KNOW. Jimmy, I'm willing to bet on what I do know. And in spite of what I don't know. God told me make a podcast. What do y'all listen to for right now? I have no idea. If people keep asking me, how are we going to monetize it? I don't know. I don't know. What about this This? This? I don't know. You should SEO it. I probably should. And I know better. But I'm not. I don't know. I'm just not

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because I know that God has a means of kimete Keeping his command, his commitment. And I'm walking in faith on His Word. Now my this is not my word. I did not get this this is not come from Me. This is his word. And I believe in a God that is truthful and keeps his promises

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so loving God means keeping His commandments. And just because you've outgrown it doesn't mean you've given it away. What is God asking you to do? Go do it. So the last couple weeks we'll be talking about getting quiet and listening and block out the noise

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so you need to be able to get quiet to hear what the next step is. And or go back to the last word he gave you. What was the last thing he told you to do? This seemed a little crazy. You don't really want to do that. I'm not God I'm skip that one. I'm going to the next one. What's the next word you got for me? God I'm not doing that thing. Not doing that. That's what I said. I was like, I'm not doing that thing. God I'm not making a podcast. And then it was like buckets by my by like with these people and with these people. Hey, you make a podcast with me. Ever. I kept telling me no. Those are supposed to be with myself. So here we are. And now I'm doing it. I'm doing the thing. And this obedience clears the space for miracle whatever that miracle is. I'm waiting for it. I Oh, no. Do you know how long the Noah was waiting for rain to come? over 100 years. Oh God, oh man with a long out there that was waiting to me, I'm not that patient. But I will do it. Because I have faith in God. And the longer I do this podcast, when I first started, I was like, I don't even know what this is gonna be about, I don't even know. And then as soon as I started putting into motion, that's when I got the name.

Jeanette Peterson:

Clarity is rewarded for your faith. I didn't have a name for the podcast because I wasn't doing the podcast. Sometimes you feel like you need all the pieces before you can go make the first step. Just do the first thing. That first thing will help you get to the next thing. So as soon as I started, like sitting down and recording, I just recorded something. I was like, Alright, I'm just gonna start talking. What do you think the packet is going to be about and just let it flow. I kid you not that night is when I got the the name for the podcast, unapologetically unstoppable. Clarity is a word for your faith. So little by little, the very details will come to you. And you have to get comfortable with not knowing all the things. disobey with what you do know, in spite of what you don't know. Step out, then find out you know, I'm saying you got to step out to find out. I had to step out into the podcasting world to find out the pieces I didn't know. If God said at the very beginning, make a podcast called unapologetically unstoppable by yourself, I would have been like, I don't know what any of that means. I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that. But I already started stepping in the right direction. That's when he gave me the name. That's why he listened to this podcast. I don't believe in happenstance that's not a thing for me. I don't believe in that. I believe that you are meant to be listening to this podcast episode right now. Because there's something that you need to have faith for. Something you need to be stepping out for something that he gave you a little piece of the pie of a little nuggets, a little crumb, half a recipe for and you're not doing other things. You have to get comfortable with not knowing girl. Hear me you have to comfortable with not knowing. I know I know. But I'm not going to grow. I know you're a control freak. I know you're a control freak. That's why you listen to this because I'm a control freak too. I gotta have all the details. I like doing puzzles with all the pieces. I don't like somebody handing me half pieces, half the puzzle and I get half the puzzle done. Or I'm missing the pieces. I don't like that. That is not fun

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start being obedient, so you can get that miracle. Whatever he told you is going to happen is going to happen. God will make you the head not the tail. Trust me. Or don't trust me trust him. How about that trust him and betters on the way

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Oh my goodness. Now I know you're ready to take this to the next level. So what you need to do is go to facebook and join a community of bad ass unapologetically unstoppable women at the unapologetically unstoppable community. And you can find me on the grams at Jeannette dot Peterson or at Peterson and Belle. This podcast was created by me, Jeanette Peterson and Alison Hartman our producer is The Amy Williams. talk soon

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