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Episode 70

#70: How To Nail Solopreneurship

Being a solopreneur is not easy, but it's worth it. It takes courage and determination to start something on your own, and that's something to be proud of. In this episode, Jeanette shares the three tips that will help you nail entrepreneurship.

As a solopreneur, it's important to focus on activities that make money and avoid clutter in your work day. Doing what actually works and pays off will also allow you to get really good at what you do and, potentially, become THE authority in that niche. However, to do this successfully you need to set boundaries and manage your time and resources wisely. Tune in to listen to Jeanette’s 3 top tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

In this episode:

  • Successful solopreneurs focus on money-making activities
  • Setting boundaries.
  • Choose a niche and be really good at it.

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Hey, girl, hey, I am so excited because Easter is over. So that came here in my house. But it feels so good to just be in the groove back on track for all the things that we're doing in life in this season, right? And being a solopreneur is very, very hard. So don't sleep on that fact, if you're a solopreneur, I want you to know that, just because you're not doing what all those other people you see doing, does not mean there's anything wrong with you, it just means that you are in a season, a period of time, that things are going to be a little bit hard because of where you're at in your business, right. So this is for the people who. So this is for the people who don't have help, you don't have anybody helping you out with anything. You're bootstrapping. And I, I see you girl, I see you. And what I want to do is I want to encourage you, first of all, I want to encourage you, because you are stepping out on faith on something that most people have only dreamed of. Some people won't even try those things. So I'm very proud of you already for going out there and trying to make something else. Instead of the nine to five or whatever people say that you're supposed to be doing. You're doing something different. And I like that, let's go I'm so for that. But I also want to give you some tips on how to be a good solopreneur in this season. So number one, do less. Okay, I know you're thinking, Jeanette can't do less trying to build a business, I got a lot of things I got to do. But you know what, you can do less, only do things that are important to your money making activities, right? If it's not making you money, don't do it. Like I know, it's nice to have like all these like extravagant back ends and like doing all these things. But then you get stuck in preparation paralysis. I don't know if that's you, but that was me. I would get stuck in trying to figure out all the things that I needed to do that seemed like I needed to do, right. And really you don't. I said, I wanted to offer something today. And so I did, I don't have a website about it, I don't have a list, I don't have anything. And somebody took me up on my offer. I said, Alright, cool. I need you to send me X, Y and Z. And then I can do this for you. But you know what I didn't, I didn't have anything, it was just like a god prompt in my heart of saying, You need to start offering this cool, I'm gonna start offering this, I don't have anything done, it's gonna be messy, and that's fine. So just do less first of all, and if you think you need to be on this platform and that platform and doing all these reels three times a day you don't, you just need to find out what gets you the most bang for your buck. You know what I'm saying? If you're doing hair, and you find out that every one of your reels are going viral, semi viral, viral for you, for whatever, this one technique, then keep doing that, keep showing that technique. Screw everything else at this moment, because that's what people want to see from you. And that's what you actually want to do. So it totally aligned. So keep doing that. Your analytics will show you what you should be putting out there. And if you like it, go for it. 100%. So do less, don't be on YouTube, don't be on a podcast, don't be on Facebook and Instagram. If it's connected. I mean, it's no no harm, no foul, right, but Twitter and Tiktok and making videos here and there, you're doing too much. And that's not going to help you grow anything. You split your split too far too wide. So just go really deep into one thing and get really good on that platform. And then once you start making more money, then you can outsource that to somebody else to make your content on different platforms. But just double down on one platform, and you will be fine. I promise you so do less. Boundaries. Girl, girl, boundaries are so important. And I'm talking about not just boundaries for your business, but boundaries for your life, too. When I first got into business, the first entrepreneurship thing that I wanted to do was real estate. And so I was putting myself out there like all hours of the night I'd be in Facebook groups, especially because I'm a military spouse, like when people PCs are moved to a new area. They're like, Oh, what is this area like? So I had to be the first one out there saying, Hey, I'm a real estate agent. So I like Hawking in these Facebook groups. And I felt like oh my gosh, like I have no I'm not spending any time with my kid. My kid is brand new. She was like a couple months old. And I was like I'm sitting there telling my husband I'm just on all the time. And then people will call you at whatever time they text you at whatever time and I'd be responding because I thought that's what I need to do. But you know what? As soon as I said, Hey, I work from this hour to this hour, and I will contact you during those hours. They respected me more. They might not have gone with me, but they definitely respected me more because they knew that I wasn't going to be a pushover, and I wasn't just going to take anything. Because I think that when you're in a new business, you think that I have to be available for everybody, I might miss out on something I might miss out on some money. If you think like that, then you don't believe that God has got a plan for you. Because God's gonna make a plan for you and Jesus have boundaries. Okay, Jesus had lots of boundaries. Where was he the night he got taken? He was in the field praying, okay, he was not hanging out with his friends. He knew this was his last night on earth. And he spent it with his father. He was like, I gotta go be with my dad, y'all. Peace out. He was not in it for everybody. As soon as they needed him. That's not what Jesus did. He had boundaries. So you guys need to have boundaries, too. So you need to think about the things you have boundaries over. So do you have boundaries over your day? Your time when you check your email? My my esthetician was doing my eyebrows yesterday. And she was like, Yo, I just found out do you can silence notifications on your phone? I'm like, Yes, girl. I cannot be like, constantly inundated with all these alert. It just like drives me nuts. I don't have any notifications for Facebook or Instagram. And my phone goes on silent. No notifications at all, after 9:30pm No text messages, no Facebook messages, no nothing, no calls, it's just not going to happen. So I want you to think about those boundaries you need to set because it will open up more space for you to be creative. Because if you're constantly and do mode, you're not gonna have any time for creation mode. And that's a totally different sections of your brain, you need the white space, you need that space. I'm gonna give you some space y'all look. And that space is where you can think and bring things closer together, and really develop what you want to do. And you get to hear from God during those spaces. Oh my gosh. And you get to hear from God during those bases. Because that's when he's going to talk to you because you're you don't have anything else going on. You're just listening. You're in listening mode to Him, not to everything else, right. And then number three, how to be a great solopreneur is be really, really good at one thing. Look, if you listen to this podcast, I know you're a multifaceted, badass woman, okay, I already know it already know, you know, 15 different types of things. And you're really good at those things. But when you're starting out a new business be really good at one thing. I've got a friend who is a baker, and she's really good, like a lot of things baking wise. And I was like, Well, what is your niche? Like, what is the thing that you want people to be known for? She's like, I don't find it. I was like, Cool. And she was like, I don't really like doing cakes. I like cupcakes, because then I can get the flavors, right. And that's really important to me. Cool. And I only like making cookies. Cool. So what you need to do then, is you only need to say that I make flavor based, fantastic tasting, buttercream only cupcakes. And then if somebody wants to have a custom cake, you charge extra for that because that's not what you do. You do butter cream, cupcakes, that's what you do. And then you get really really good at that and you can be known as a cupcake lady. And obviously people who make cupcakes and also make cakes. That's like a no brainer, but you're gonna be the cupcake lady. I am the local cupcake lady and I slay with buttercream. Don't ask me for no fondant because that stuff tastes disgusting. And with buttercream you can make these fantastic flavors and that's what I'm about. So when you're being a solopreneur Remember though, remember that, do less. Make sure you have boundaries and be really really good at one thing. Make that one thing your niche. You got this

to be a really good solopreneur you just need to do three things.

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