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Episode 72

#72: How to partner with God to do Supernatural work

God works in ways that we cannot fathom, but you can ask Him for guidance to spot the opportunities He gives you to serve Him. In this episode Jeanete shows you how to trust in your gifts and passions, and consider how you can use them to bring glory to God and serve others. 

Each person is called to serve God in a unique way, and it is important to pray for guidance to discover what that calling is, and then listening for God's response through prayer, reading scripture, and discernment will set you in the right direction. But you also have to be ready to act!

Being ready to serve God once you have discerned your calling can be challenging and requires a willingness to sacrifice and surrender to His will. Remember to Remain steadfast in your commitment to God; step out in faith and trust that He will provide the resources and guidance needed to carry out His plans.

When you partner with God to do supernatural work, you may be surprised at the miracles that can happen in your life and the lives of others.

In this episode: 

  • What Jeanette has learned from the book You Were Born for This" by Bruce Wilkinson
  • Asking God to show you the way and the work you are here to do in His service
  • The need to be ready when God nudges you do something

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When you do supernatural work with God, as your partner and CEO, things are gonna start moving like crazy.

Hey, girl, hey, I love God, you know that you know that I love Jesus. And I'm so excited because I've been reading this book. It's called you were born for this by Bruce Wilkinson. And because of reading this book, I just want to share some things I learned because I want to, and I hope that you too want to partner with God to do super natural work. And I'm talking like, like,

like supernatural work. Like sometimes I think that we forget that God is a supernatural being that he is not from this realm, that he is not somebody that he's not a person. He is more than anything that we've ever experienced. And so we just need to be reminded sometimes that God is a supernatural being, that the being that God is, is something that we can't even fathom, and it's something that just comes over us sometimes with the Holy Spirit. I don't know if that's ever happened to you, where you just feel like totally invited by the Holy Spirit to do something or say something, or move something. Because God is you feel that nudge that prompting in your heart, you know what I mean? So, and I'm not just talking about feeling convicted to change something in your life, because I have recently been feeling convicted to not drink anymore. So I stopped drinking, and I feel very good about that decision. I don't think that God will ever tell me to drink. And I feel like with God, he's always going to do something that is for your good and for His glory. Because that's what love from God looks like. And when I talk about love, I'm not talking about like deep admiration or affection. I'm talking about that deep, like, I know what's best for you. And I want to show you a better way. But I also love everybody else in the world the exact same way. So I want everything in everyone to be in synchronization. And in order to do that, some things might not make you happy, but they are for the greater good luck. You know what I mean? Does that make sense? I hope so. Okay. So, in this book, he's talking about how to supernaturally partner with God, and I want to do it, I want to do it. So I've been flexing my supernatural bones, my that muscle that supernatural muscle of like, alright, God's got this. I don't have to worry about this. And like, using faith as a true action, like actually using faith as something that I can like, write home about, right? Like, I want faith where I know, like Amazon's gonna come in two days. I want that kind of faith. I want faith where I'm like, Yes, amen. I know that God's gonna come through. I don't know how it's gonna work. That's not my problem. But God is gonna come through I want that kind of faith. I want actionable faith, I want to step out on the water and know that God's got this you don't I'm saying? Okay. So the number one thing you got to do is you got to be ready, because God's gonna nudge you if you start saying, God, I want you to show me somebody to help today. God, I know you are gonna be here and I need you to show me what I'm supposed to do today. You gotta be ready. You have to be ready because when God shows you, you have to move. So just be ready. Have that in your heart that as you're praying that prayer of God, please come to me. Please show me please show me what I'm supposed to do next. Please be with me as I'm doing this right as that's happening. You have to be ready, you have to be ready.

And then number two, I think I got this backwards. But number two is to ask. You have to pray God give me something to do for your glory. God, God, please give me please give me something to do for you. God, please let me be your hands and feet today. God Lord, please just let me be that vessel. I don't know what it is God but I'm ready. And when you ask, be ready. So when you're asking God is never going to tell you to do something that he doesn't already have in you to do whatever your situation is. However you are how

However he divinely made you is going to be how things are going to happen for you to help somebody else. Your lessons that you already learned that you've already been through are going to help somebody else and you have to be ready because when you ask, be ready, I did this backwards, my bad asked to come first and then be ready. But be ready because he made you divinely, you've gone through things with his work to do good. Then he meant it for evil, but God's gonna make it for good. And then you gotta move girl.

That's sometimes the hardest part. Some people feel this, like,

I don't think I want to do that. I'm gonna, it's gonna be hard for me. Oh, thanks, God, but maybe next time. But then you miss the boat. You missed the boat of doing something miraculous, you don't even know what it could be. It could be as simple as saying a prayer for a stranger. You don't know what that's going to do in that person's life, you have no idea. So go do that thing that God's telling you. And it doesn't matter. If you feel like the weird person. You don't know what they've been praying. They might have been praying for someone to help them be praying for you don't even know. So when you feel that calling, you feel that prompting you feel that thing in your heart. That's like,

Okay, God, I know this is you. But I don't want to look like the crazy person praying for the person at the gas station. I wouldn't be the crazy person. I'm praying for the lady at the checkout aisle. Are you sure God that I'm supposed to do this?

That's when he wants you to move. That's when he wants you to have faith that he's got you. That's when you get the Amazon faith. That two days shipping prime faith, you know, I'm saying, because when you start looking at God, not as a human being, or not as something that you can, you can see. And he lives in the spiritual realm, which is not what we live in. They're connected, yes. But that's a totally different realm. So as he's living in the spiritual realm, he's waiting for people like us to do his work. And just because we say that we're Christians does not mean that we're willing to go out on a limb. I know plenty of Christians that are like, Yeah, I'm scared to do that. I can't do that. I want to say no, and they're saying no, to God, they're not saying no, to something that is going to hurt them. They're saying no to God, because they're embarrassed because they worry more about what people think, than what God is asking them to do. It's almost like they aren't putting their trust and faith in Jesus, because they're too worried about what Tom, Dick and Harry are going to say about them. And it happens so often, when people get too wrapped up in the politics and the culture of church, and not in the politics and culture of what Jesus and the Bible and the Scriptures say about who God is and how God works. Those are two totally different things. Because when I started going to church, I realized there was a certain type of person who said a certain type of thing, who like maneuvered a certain type of way, who vibed a certain type of vibe. And I was like, I'm not like these people. But I know Jesus. I know, God, I know who he is how he works. And I'm for that, like, I don't care about what people are doing here, how you're using the money, because if you if you look at that, like that, then people will always disappoint you. That's what people are.

If you if you put more trust into your pastor than you do into your husband, and I know your husband disappoint you, my husband disappointed me today. I asked him to wash the kids. And he gave me attitude while I was doing this podcast. But you know what? I don't feel that way about Jesus. Because he's not a person. He's a super natural father being that loves me so much, that he will never, ever give me attitude about something that is doing good, right. So I just asked him to bathe my children, my husband. And I know that if I ask God to bathe me, he's going to bait me and wash me in the Holy Spirit. I'm going to be supernaturally anointed. And that's what I feel like is coming through in this podcast right now, because I only prepared like three words for this podcast. And this is going way longer than I normally do podcasts because this is a super natural download that's coming from the Divine Creator of the universe.

So when you are ready to partner with God,

you got to ask him, you got to be ready. And you gotta move.

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