Episode 102

#101: Leaning Into God For Health and Faith With Rachel King

In this special episode, Rachel King, a certified nutrition coach, joins Jeanette to discuss their shared experiences and challenges as Christian mothers, particularly the significance of providing nutritious food for their children. You’ll surely love some of the cool mom hacks they talked about! 

Additionally, Rachel shares her testimony of how her time being single and her weight loss journey drew her even closer to God and inspired her to start intentionally building a relationship with Him. Rachel also openes up about her internal struggles as she launched her own faith-based business and how she overcame them. She was scared, yes, but she stepped out on faith and answered God’s call anyway. 

Let us also explore the true meaning of body positivity by striving to improve ourselves while loving ourselves in the process. In reality, wanting to lose weight is a wonderful expression of self-love and self-care. It is important to learn more about nutrition education and to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. 

This faith-filled podcast episode with Jeanette and Rachel serves as a powerful reminder that we can put our complete trust in the Lord, and He will never let us down.

“I feel like feeding our kids nutritious foods is one of the most important things to teach them at an early age, that our body is truly our temples that the Lord has given us.”

“Gluttony is a sin that the church doesn't like to acknowledge because we like to eat.”

“I stepped out on faith, it was super scary, but God has taken care of us, and I have no doubt that He will provide.”

“Have grace for yourself. Don't condemn yourself. But also, there's nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself, while also loving yourself through the process.”

“I know that as long as I continue to lean into Him, and rely fully on Him, then I am unstoppable.”


Psalm 37:4

In this episode:

  • The pressure of being a Christian mum and how important it is to set up your kids for success
  • Being a Christian and being a true follower of Jesus are two different things. 
  • God cares about your weight because your weight is part of your health.
  • Lean into the Lord and listen to His call—trust God, surrender all your worries to Him, and you’ll be unstoppable. 

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Hey girl. Hey. Welcome to the Unapologetically Unstoppable Podcast, and today I have a special guest, Rachel King. Rachel is the founder of King Coaching LLC, and the podcast host of Feed Yourself Healthy Habits for Mind, body, and Soul.

The podcast is all about learning the key components of overall health based on biblical principles. She's a woman of faith, mom, wife, and a certified nutrition coach, and she has personally maintained a 45 pound weight loss. Her mission is to help Christian women lose weight and feel confident inside and out without extreme measures.

Welcome, so glad to have you here, Rachel. I'm super excited to be here. This is awesome. So tell me a little bit about yourself. Tell me how many kids you have, what's going on in your world? All the things. Yeah, so I have one little boy, his name is Grayson. He's four years old going on like 13. Yeah, we're getting to that stage where he's super fun.

ittle personality, but we're [:

Yes. I feel like when they're that age, they're just like, I need to know everything. I would like tell my she's five now. I would tell her, Jesus is in your heart. Then she'd cry and she'd be like, Jesus isn't in my heart anymore. I'm like, Jesus doesn't leave you baby. He's still there. We did the same thing.

rtified nutrition coach since:

So, yeah. That's amazing. [00:02:00] So I was creeping on your Instagram like everybody does when they meet new people, and I saw like all your like, cool mom hacks of like, oh, you make these. Pancakes and you put 'em in the freezer. I am not a cook, so I was like, oh, I need to do that. I should just freeze all my stuff and your fruits.

I was literally cutting up strawberries today and I was like, all right, I hope these don't go bad in the refrigerator, because that's what happens in summer. Yeah, exactly. I had to learn all that stuff because I needed convenience. Right. Yes. Like if you're going out the door in the morning, getting your kids off to wherever they need to go, you need something quick.

And so the pancake hack has saved us. You just pop 'em in the toaster, heat 'em up. Breakfast is ready in like two minutes. That's like the smartest thing. It's like your own like Eggo waffles, but like nutritionally based and better for you. Exactly. And if you make a big batch, they don't take any longer to make, you just make extra when you're making them stick the extra true freezer and you're good to go.

I'm gonna tell my [:

I'm gonna, I'm gonna tag you in my Instagram post. I'm be like, shout out to Rachel. Mom. Packs all the way. Yes, yes. I mean, we mom's gotta stick together because I mean, we're, we live in so much pressure. It's like have you guys seen in Canto the Disney movie? Yes. Yes. Yeah. That, that song Surface pressure, like, I feel like that's such a deep song.

For, for that age. But it's so true. Like I felt that when she sang that song. But we have so much pressure on us that, you know, perform in all these ways. And you know, we're supposed to be at all the places, do all the things, never run late, have our kids looking immaculate, our house staying clean, feed them nutritious foods.

m, but do the most important [:

Cuz I didn't learn how, when I was a kid, I had to learn. I, you know, became an adult. So setting our kids up for success is such a huge passion of mine. Plus, I think it's really easy to not do it because every, like if you go in the grocery store, it's like a tiny section of like actual food and the rest is all processed garbage.

And I'm like, what? Exactly. Except if you go to like Sprouts or Whole Foods or something. Right. But. I live in a small town too. I only have a Walmart and a Hy-Vee and that's it. Yeah, like it's not like a whole bunch of great produce here. Exactly. And the marketing, I mean on everything, you know, cereal boxes and even on commercials on tv, you know, we don't do a ton of screen time, but you know, I'm gonna let my son watch some shows every now and then.

my life, but it was on some [:

And it's like, but that's, they know that the colors and the fun packaging is gonna appeal to kids. And so, We have to work even harder to make the healthy food appeal to our kids. And so any kind of creative, like I started including Grayson in the kitchen. So we made that's good muffins together and make it really fun.

Like I let him come up with his own recipes if they're not too crazy. Like we made muffins, we had some bananas that were about to go bad. So instead of making banana bread, we made banana bread muffins. And he was like, oh mama, can we put some strawberries in there and can we put some chocolate chips in there?

r packaging, all the things. [:

Let's, let's go back to Jesus. Let's go back to what we're supposed to be doing. Yep. So talking about Jesus, what is your testimony? How did you find Jesus? I know like at Southern Girls, it's kind of inbred in us. It's not like, You know what I mean? So it's, and for the longest time I thought that, I mean, my testimony wasn't really that special because I grew up in church.

It was just what we did. Right? I got saved at a young age. I was eight years old and I got saved. So it was kind of like, you know, just something I grew up with. I never really had this amazing story of how I found Jesus. But as I got older and. I realized that I didn't really, like I got saved and yes, I had a relationship, but I took it for granted almost.

it. I didn't really carve in [:

Why can I not find the person that you made for me? Lord, is he lost? Where is he? Where do I go to find him? And it was during that time that, and during my weight loss journey, those two kind of coincided. Jesus showed me like, you know, I gotta mold you and make you into who you need to be before you meet your husband, because that is so good.

Yeah. Yeah. And I never would've figured that out had I met him any sooner. Yes. You know, so that time was so sweet. It wasn't during the beginning of it, but I really just leaned in and honed into that. And so I started getting up early and reading my Bible. I started being intentional about my prayer time.

t turned it off and pray and [:

And so had I not had that season of really leaning in and growing my own relationship with the Lord, I wouldn't be the wife and mom I am today. And I'm not nowhere near perfect, but definitely wasn't before. So I feel like that is more of my testimony story. Not really when I got saved, but just me really learning to have that true relationship with God.

I think that's, that's important because like I, I would got saved young, probably like 11 or 12 was at bible camp. But like you, I took advantage of having such a relationship with Jesus that I was just like, oh, I don't need Jesus right now. Or yeah, whatever it was, I. Joined the military and I didn't have anything like, I was just like, okay, this is just me.

that's a big, big difference [:

Yeah, exactly. Cuz I mean, you're not gonna lose your salvation no matter how far away. But you know, like you said, being a follower of Jesus, really seeking him out. Being intentional about keeping that relationship and not only going to him in the bad times, cuz we're all guilty of that, right? We sink down into the valley, we're like, oh God, I, you know, I haven't talked to you in a while, but here I am with my problem.

And that's kinda how I was during that season. Like, like you said. You think things should go a certain way. And here in the south you're supposed to get married when you're young, you know? Yep. Just what you do. And not that I was old, but I was 26, you know, and all my friends had already gotten married and I didn't think about all things I had achieved.

e, why am I not able to find [:

I'm gonna leave it up to you, Lord. I'm just gonna lean into you. Fix this relationship first. Mm-hmm. It was so funny because I, I dove into that season and I finally got peace. I even made the comment to one of my friends. I was like, I'm not even gonna try anymore. You know, if God wants to send me somebody, that's great, but I am okay with being single.

I truly am okay with being single. I met my husband the next day, not, no, he was my husband, of course, but I did. I met him the next day and it's just, that's like true god's like when you were finally ready to that point where you're like, I actually. I'm gonna, I'm gonna stop having control. I'm going to fully surrender this part of my life to you.

. So much, you know, delight [:

So my desires became His desires, and once that was in alignment, then just like you said, he was like, okay, here you go. Yeah. I think it's funny how people, I don't know, PE people might, some people I know they're not Christians, and I explain to them how God works. They just, they're like that's kind of weird.

I'm like, no, that's, that's how the spirit realm works. If you are like doing the things that you're supposed to for God and not worrying about people pleasing and not worrying about all the other things and actually seeking God. He will give you exactly what you want and your things will change. Your things will change of what you want.

it car you needed. Exactly. [:

So much so that your business is faith based. Yeah, so that was a big one. And it's funny that you just talked about people pleasing because I was such a people pleaser, and when I first started my business, I was terrified of what people would think. You know? Like, what does she think she's doing? You know, how does she, she is, yeah.

Who does she think she is? What kind of authority does she have talking about this? You know, because especially in the health and fitness space, you know, Instagram gives us a false. You know, reality of what people should look like. We have these influencers, quotation marks, influencers that are doing these like crazy exercises and they, , look a certain way and you're like, well, I don't look like that.

And so, amen. Once you. You [:

Then you get past all that and you have to get past the, you know, what do people think of me? Cuz it ultimately doesn't matter. It matters what God thinks of me, and God gave me this calling to go out and to teach this message that really needs to be tossed. Especially among the Christian community, among the churches, because I mean, let's put some really hard truth out there.

Gluttony is the sin that the church doesn't like to acknowledge because we like to eat, just like to eat for everything. And so, We, there's a, there's a huge message in that, in that how to feed our bodies the way God designed them to be fed, not with, you know, loads of d desserts and casseroles and all the things.

f coaching is different than [:

And him being like, what? Yeah. But then, yeah, we just had this conversation like, I just really feel like God has called me to do this. And he is like, well, if God's called you to do it, then you do it. And I remember saying, gimme three months, and if you know, it's, you know, we're just like barely surviving, then I'll go find a job.

And it's been almost three years and haven't had to find a job yet. God's been really good. So yeah, that's kind of how, that's kind of how that all came to fruition. So, I think it's, it's great that you are like, this is scary, but this is my call. I'm going to answer it because most people be like, that's really scary.

cause they know that they're [:

You know what I'm saying? Exactly. Exactly. And there have been like two things. Well, three things. There have been three things that I've just had such a peace about, and you know, the first was my salvation. The second was that my husband was the man that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with.

And then the third was his calling that I was supposed to quit. And it was, and I had to wait on God's timing because if I could have quit my job sooner, I would have, but he just didn't open that door. And after Covid hit, and my son was a year old, and I realized that I had missed a lot of that first year.

r time, now's your time. And [:

And just like we talked about earlier, I. Relinquishing that control. We feel like we have to go in and fix it. We have to be the one to do something about it. And yes, we have to do our part right. He's not just gonna like give us a million dollars for sitting here and doing nothing, but we have to do our part.

But he is gonna provide and he is gonna take care of us as long as we are doing what he's called us to do. I was listening to a summer this weekend from my, I used to live in Vegas for a period, and the pastor we went to there was preaching at Elevation Church at Stephen Frederick Church, and he was talking about God answers your prayers in seed form.

of a sudden we're the CEO of [:

But like if there's something in the building too, right? Yes. There's so in the building, so. I have never actually, you were talking about the church being gluttonous. I have never heard a sermon on like physical food gluttony before and I think that that is important. Yeah. So when you start your business, and I feel like as women, our businesses are our ministry also like, like your hands and feet and some of the stuff that we do is our ministry.

It's to bring people closer to Jesus and to show his love and to be the. Feet and hands of Jesus, of heaven on on earth. Mm-hmm. So when you started your business and you see these people that are struggling withy it, like, I feel like in western culture in America, like you said about the marketing, it's just everywhere.

on billboard. You would just [:

Yeah, well there are, there are a few things. The number one thing though is that we have to realize that we have self-control. Self-control is a fear to the spirit. Yes. Because a lot of people say, oh, I just don't have any self-control. Yes, you do. You do have it. You have, that's one of those things you have to let God enter this area of your life.

part of your health. Mm-hmm. [:

And yes, that's a great thing. It really is like you should love yourself through the process. You should never condemn yourself. You should never judge yourself and how you look and all the things you, you know, can't do hair. A lot of people say, I can't believe I let myself go this much. Like, have grace for yourself.

Don't condemn yourself. But also like there's nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself while also loving yourself through the process. That's actually a really great form of self-love to do something about your health and wanting to lose weight. So a lot of people put a negative connotation on weight loss and it's not, it's a very positive thing, wanting to get healthy so you can go out and beat the hands of feet of Jesus.

because a lot of people just [:

Like, you know, we were saying growing up in the south it's kind of hard. We didn't grow up with, you know, really great nutrition habits. We fried all of our vegetables and you know, we made all of the cats and rolls to carry to church functions. So that's just what we did. Extra butter, extra cheese. Yes, exactly.

Let's put some whipped cream on top and you know, all the things. And so like the nutrition education piece, I think we should focus on that. There's an entire part of Daniel where he talks about fueling his body properly, you know, and we should talk about that at church instead of focusing on all of the other, you know, Unhealthy ways, like Yeah.

ious food to help fuel their [:

So there's just a nutrition education piece that needs to be implemented there. I feel like those are two big things that are lacking, so. I was reading through, was it Leviticus? I think it was Leviticus, where he was talking about all the rules about what you're not supposed to eat and how you're supposed to eat properly.

Mm-hmm. And I was kind of doing an elimination diet because I was like, what is ha, what is happening with my body? I need to figure out what is making me swell and not feel good and my joints hurt and all these things. Yeah. And I was reading the Bible and then also going through this journey at the same time, and I was like, I'm eating things that God said not to eat.

Yeah, and my body doesn't feel good. Like I'm eating lots of fat. I'm eating pork, and it's not like I'm like saying as a religious standpoint, like the Muslims do. I can't eat this stuff. It's, I can't eat this stuff because my body cannot take it. Right? So I am going to do what God's word says because that makes sense.

'm supposed to live by. Like [:

Align with your particular body, right? I mean, me, for instance, I can't do dairy. If I do dairy, I look like I'm three months pregnant. Like it's so inflammatory to my system. My son can't have eggs. We found out a little over a year ago that he's highly allergic to eggs. So, yeah, those, those are healthy things in most people's eyes, but to us they're not.

may actually be harming you. [:

You've got inflammation in your body. Your fat cells have nowhere to go, like they can't shrink cuz you've got inflammation surrounding your fat cells. So you're clinging on to all the fat when it could be something that you think is healthy for you and it's not. So there are, like going back to the nutrition education piece, there's just a lot of stuff that.

Bad diets won't teach you. Yeah. There's a lot of stuff that, you know, the marketing industry doesn't want you to know, and that stuff's super important because it can be so frustrating when you are wanting to better yourself. You are wanting to lose weight. You do want those things, you're doing all the things you think you should do, and you're not seeing the results.

, Discernment piece of being [:

Yeah. He's been trying like, we're military. Ve Well, I'm a veteran. He's still in. And he's like, well, I'm not losing weight. I'm not losing weight. I'm like, cuz you're not eating this. You already know you can't eat this stuff. Why are you eating this stuff? This is like not new news. Yeah. Even from just like a health standpoint.

Yes. Going back to like the elimination stuff. Back, I guess it was over a year ago, my son was getting ear infections all the time. Oh. And I got so tired of them just. Giving him another antibiotic to fight off ear infections. And so I started doing my own research and came across some information that said dairy could cause ear infections.

snack that's supposed to be [:

Yes. And this can come from like hunger cues. There's such a thing as fake hunger. Because we, yeah, we associate hunger with emotions, right? Like when we had a bad day, we ultimately wanna reach for whatever that comfort food is, right? Mm-hmm. So it's like stepping back and saying, wait, why do I wanna eat this?

to reach for certain things. [:

Or if we're just experiencing some sort of feeling, that's good because a lot of things are trying to vie for our attention. Yeah, and we're not paying attention to the thing that is literally going to help us through the rest of our lives, our body. Yeah, exactly. What is one thing that you've learned on your journey that you feel like makes you unstoppable?

That you're like, I'm going to do this as long as God is telling me to do this, leaning in to the Lord and really like see my faith grow? Honestly, yes. I feel like there I've been. My faith has been tested so much since starting my own business. It really has, like the devil has just been trying to creep in with those thoughts of self-doubt and feelings of you can't do this.

now that one comes up a lot. [:

I am unstoppable because, I mean, think back to David and Goliath. He was so ill-equipped in our eyes to defeat Goliath and he, he won with no contest. Right? And that's kind of the way we are. Like we are fully equipped as long as we lean into the Lord and listen to his call in our lives, like we have everything we need of inside.

Like everybody is unstoppable as long as you do that. And so I know just from. Seeing God work in my own life, that yeah, as long as I continue to do those things, I'm unstoppable. I love that because I don't think they will ever be quote unquote enough for culture. No. But when we have God, we are always more than enough.

We're fully [:

Right. He was there for that. He did not like. Yes. He's so good. There's so many times that I look back at my life and been like, that could have gone really, really bad. Mm-hmm. God, there's no other explanation, but God. Yep. Exactly. What would you say is your favorite Bible verse? The one we just talked about, the one in Psalms to delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

rs and years and continue to [:

You're like, that's my, my business Bible verse. That that is the thing that is my waypoint. Yes, for sure, because when I was in high school, I really sounds terrible, but like I didn't have any ambition. I was a straight A student, but I really didn't wanna do anything but be a stay-at-home mom. Like that's all I ever wanted to do.

And. That kind of stayed in the back of my head too, like during that season of singleness, cuz like, like you can't be a stay-at-home mom if you don't have husbands. So that was kind of in the back of my head. And then that was something else. Like, I went to college because I'm like, well I need to have a backup plan, you know, so I went to college and ended up getting my accounting degree, which I did that for 10 years before I quit doing nutrition.

Really? [:

I had no idea this was gonna be my purpose when I was in high school, but, That's definitely like my life's first and 100% my business because when I was working in accounting, just doing nutrition on the side, I always like, especially after I found out I was pregnant, I'm like, I really wish I could make this work where I could just do this full-time.

, and I, I actually sent her [:

I was like, this is not right. God told me this home, like it was just too many people in my life that I was just like, Nope. God has made it super easy for me to just jump into this space. Why am I not doing it? I've met zero moms who had school kids who were in school. It was all homeschool moms. I was like, this is my tribe.

These are my people. Yeah, okay. God, I'm listening. Yeah. And it's never been more happy. I love it. Love it, love, love it. That's encouraging. We keep going back and forth. We're like, do we? Do we not? And we're just still praying for peace. I know. He'll give us the peace about the right decision. Yeah. But I love hearing enough stories.

inking about it and I really [:

Have an intuition gift, like I can pretty much meet somebody and have full spot on intuition about them and. I tell my husband these things and he's like, oh Rachel, you're just, you know, no, that's not right. And then weeks or months go by and he is like, man, you were right about this, or you were right about that situation.

And so, yeah, I kinda can see it now. It's like being so in tuned with God that he just whispering things in your ear and he's just telling you over and over like the things that you need to know and. And I, my gift is not prophecy. My gift is exhortation, which is encouragement, which I'm really, I love that.

it's like part of you is in [:

It's not like, Not like me where I'm just encouraging people, hi, you guys are doing great. Good job. Keep going. But you're like, no, I see. I can see God in you. I can see where you're supposed to go. I can see the things and it's a special gift. It is. And I feel like encouragement is such a special gift too, because there are a lot of seasons where if I hadn't had people who had the gift of encouragement that I probably would've given up.

So really, Yeah, I feel like all the gifts are so special in their own ways, and I love how God gives us, like our unique gifts based on our personalities and who we will interact with too, right? Like he knows all the people that are gonna come, you know, interact with us and how he places us in those seasons and on those paths for a reason.

ah, we're, we did a study on [:

Like he knew we would be where we are in every moment. And I like clinging to that too. Thinking about raising kids in this day and age. Yes. Like you're like, man. Cause I've had so many people tell me, oh, I'd hate to be raising kids right now. Well, that's very discouraging, but also you have to think like he gave them to us in this season for such a time as this, like this is their time.

They're equipped to live through this. Just like we were equipped to live through our childhood, through, you know, this age. As adults, they're equipped. We just have to listen to him. Mm-hmm. And it's instill in them and equip them with all of, you know, the armor of God so that they can go out and fight the battles like they're fully equipped.

meschool because I'm like, I [:

for real, though.

It's hard. I just love like talking to him and like you who are just like on fire for Jesus, who understand how he works and are letting him lead your life and fully surrendering to whatever his will is. I think that's the hardest part about being a Christian is I'm a control freak. I had nature, like I wanna control everything.

I wanna make sure everything is fine. And living in the south, everything has to be perfect. You gotta have your little house all nice and all the things, and then God comes in is like, you don't control anything. And I'm like, Okay.

cause like, it's hard enough [:

Plus, you know, all of the things. My, my son's doing summer preschool. He goes to a Christian preschool here two days a week and trying to get to school on time. I come rolling up last week with one minute to spare, get him to school, and it's just another one of those lessons, like you don't get to control anything.

was like, why are all these [:

Cuz they have no control over their kids. They have no control. I was the same way. I had Grayson when I was 30, and so I had all these ideas of what my kid was gonna do, you know? Yes. And God was like, oh, that's funny. Yes, exactly. Let me teach you a thing or do Now I'm like, okay, God. I realize I am just a steward of the things you've given me to include my children.

So I'm just gonna do the best that I can to. Show her, both of them. Both my daughters. What you were like, how to love you, how to self-regulate all the things that I think are important, and you just guide me and guide them and Yep. Whatever you have for them is on you, God. Yep. As scary as it is, but it's on you.

s. Like you just have to let [:

Right. And that's another aspect of that people pleasing thing that you kind of have to let go of. And I have really had to let go of that because I was very self-conscious people coming over. I remember when we brought Grayson home from the hospital. I was in here picking things up. People were bringing meals.

I was here picking things up and I'm like, now I look back and I'm like, that was so silly. They didn't care. I look like they just had a baby. They understood. But in that season, you're like, oh, it's gotta be perfect. And then you get a little older and you're like, Yeah, like it's fine. It's fine. Focus on the things.

is way and then kind of use, [:

You did a great job. Maybe next time we can do this too. Or, you know, instead of this we can try this. And really trying to encourage him while correcting him or instructing him, not even correcting, but like instructing him. Just letting that be kind of another one of those things that I can't fully control and shouldn't control.

Like letting him learn his own way, but then like lovingly guide him along the path. Yeah. Like you just miss this little thing. Let's do this better. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Hard parenting is the hardest job I think I'll ever have in my life. It is. And there's no book to follow. None. I think the times keep changing.

ike that's, no, it's way too [:

I'm not even thinking about when she's getting a phone because it's not gonna be until she's like, at least a teenager in. I'm not to drive. Yeah, right. Where are you going? Why do you need a phone? Right?

I don't even wanna think about that. Yeah, don't wanna think about that. Don't wanna think about that at all. Yeah. Well I was so blessed to have you on the podcast today. Is there anything else that you wanna talk about? How can people find you? How can people get a part of your program? Tell us all those things.

Yeah. Yeah. So you can always find me on Instagram. I'm at Rachel Megs king, and you can find me on Facebook. I'm under the same name. I have a free Facebook community called Encouraging Christian Weight Loss. It's just a, a fun little community to hang out, get support, encouragement, accountability in there, and it's full of.

that can walk alongside you. [:

You learn the foundations, the nutritional guidance that you need and implement. God and the faith piece alongside to come alongside you throughout this journey and really build that strong foundation you need to learn the basics, to build the principles, and then to go teach them to your family. I love that so much.

It's so needed, so needed for our community. Well, thank you Rachel for coming on and if you guys have any questions, everything will be in the show notes. Talk to you guys soon. Bye.

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Jeanette Peterson

Jeanette Peterson is a powerhouse, United States Air Force Veteran, that has been successfully mentoring, empowering, and inspiring women. She helps them turn their businesses into their ministries.

After leaving the military, she had a lot of learning to do. She learned about herself, her gifts, and what she was created for. She knew her next job had to be for God. She knew she had to have the creator of the Universe as her CEO. She prayed and partnered with God.

As a mentor and speaker, Jeanette knows that your divine purpose is unique and only for you. When you walk in purpose you will no longer feel shame or pain, but joy, peace, and love.

It's time to live unapologetically unstoppable!

Jeanette Peterson