Episode 14

Yea... That's a hard no

Some things in your business you have to say no to. What are the non-negotiable things you've been bending the rules for?

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So I need you to think about the things in your business that are non negotiables. Is it contracts? Gotta have those. Is it your time? How much time are you giving away? How much time do you want to give away? What are you giving?

You're listening to the unapologetically unstoppable podcast, it's about going deep into who you are made to be. And following that, no matter what, where your calling is in the front seat, and fear, well, it's trying to stop you. But fuck that guy, and getting the tools and tips to become an unstoppable. I'm your host, Jeanette Peterson, where not too long ago, I had to find my calling. Here. You'll hear from me and other online experts on how to discover your calling, the steps to make it happen, and how to monetize it. I believe when we're unapologetic about our calling, we become an unstoppable expansive force. So let's get started

Hey, girl, hey. So in business, there are some things that are going to be in need to be a hard nut, like, what are your non negotiables so for me, I'm not talking about like pineapple on pizza, like, you can just pick that off. It's not that serious. And if you like pineapple on pizza, you're gross. You but like I'm talking about like hard nosed, like will not do that period. Non negotiables in your business. So for me, it's I'm not gonna work on Sunday. Not going to do it, you will not catch me on the internet on a Sunday. Unless it's like something that I'm really feeling like, gotta share. You won't see me on the internet on Sunday, you just won't. Unless it's already, like pre planned recorded. It's not gonna be me live folks show. It's not gonna happen. And during dinnertime anytime with my kids really. So like, from the time Eleanor gets home until I put the kids to bed. Don't expect anything out of me. There may be like a rare moment where I will bend those boundaries. But that's pretty much a hard No.

I think that once you become a professional, some of those boundaries have to stick. I had a client before. And she would call me on a Sunday. And I would pick up the phone. And she was one of the hardest clients to work with. Because I had no boundaries. You have to have boundaries. In fact, they're biblical, first of all. Second of all, if you don't have boundaries, then people can just text you whenever and expect you to get back to them right away. My small stint in real estate made me realize I need boundaries. It was like a doggy dog world out there. And that's kind of how you have to start off. And I was not willing to play that game. That's one of the major reasons I didn't want to be in that real estate game. Not gonna do it. I got into real estate so I could have more freedom. And it seemed like I was just like on the hook 24/7. Another thing non negotiable for me is when people DM me, and they expect me to just DM them back whenever they feel very cheap. I just can't do that. I will do I will DM you back just at a time that is more appropriate for me. And that's also fine.

So I need you to think about the things in your business that are non negotiables. Is it contracts gotta have those? Is it your time? How much time are you giving away? How much time do you want to give away? What are you giving? Another non negotiable for us is we go deep, we just go deep. So if you just want us to do some surface level thing for you, that's not gonna work. That's just not who we are. We are deep people. So we're gonna go deep with you. And if you're not ready to go deep, we're not to people. And that's okay. But that's non negotiable for us. You just not going to be able to work with us. That's one of our favorite things. because we like to really get to know the client that we're working with, so we can help them in the best way. We don't do surface we don't do small we don't do kind of maybe sorta. So what are your non negotiables? In your business? What are they? I need you to really think about that this week. Because when you're forming your business, or when you're like elevating yourself to that next level, you need to start doing less. So you can do more ever this quote today that said, if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together. I want us to go together far girl. Let's do this

oh, my goodness. Now I know you're ready to take this to the next level. So what you need to do is go to Facebook join a community of bad ass unapologetically unstoppable women at the unapologetically unstoppable community. And you can find it in the grams @Jeanette.Peterson or at @PetersonandBelle. This podcast was created by me, Jeanette Peterson, and Allison Hartman. Our producer is The Amy Williams. Talk soon

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