Episode 98

#98: The Power Couple I Aspire To Be

What does it really mean to be "equally yoked"? And why is it crucial to every marriage or partnership? Jeanette explains how lopsidedness in faith and relationships can be avoided if partners share the same mindset and are moving in the same direction.

It is common knowledge that many famous couples throughout history, literature, and the Bible, like Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Abraham and Sarah, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z have left an indelible mark on the world. But in this episode, Jeanette will tell you more about the power couple she ultimately aspires to be… A couple that fully exemplifies being life partners not only in marriage but also in business and in ministry—Priscilla and Aquila. 

Get ready for deep love and intimacy by tuning in and letting this faith-filled episode inspire your relationships to be equally yoked. 

“When you have a partner, you need to be equally yoked. You need to have the same mindset of where you're going. You are going to complete each other because you guys are partners in life.”

“There was a whole period in my life where I want me and my husband to be Beyonce and JayZ… Nope! Not anymore… I want us to be Priscilla and Aquila. I wanna be THAT power couple.”

“She (Priscilla) is her own person doing her own things, but she’s partnering with not only God, but her husband.”

“They are the couple to aspire to. They were literal life partners and their partners in ministry, money-making, and in marriage.”

“When I see relationships like Priscilla and Aquila's, I'm just ready. I am ready for deep love and intimacy.”


  • Romans 16:3
  • Acts 18:2,18,26
  • 1 Corinthians 16:19

In this episode:

  • Why it is crucial to be equally yoked with your partner
  • The story of Priscilla and Aquila and why they are the power couple you should aspire to be 
  • The importance of intimately connecting not only with God but also with your partner
  • Being rebellious according to society but doing things according to God's will

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Hey, girl, hey, I want to talk about power couples. Okay. So me and my husband, I would say that we're equally yoked. Okay. So it took me a long time to even understand what that phrase meant. equally yoked. And when I first heard somebody talk about it, they were talking about race. And that is not correct. I guess it was a way for people in the Midwest, to tell people not to procreate with outside their race, basically. Okay. But that's not what it means. Let me tell you what it actually means. equally yoked means when you back in the day, they would use cows and they would put a thing on their neck, I'm sure you've seen this before. It's like a like a thing that goes around their neck almost like a like a collar, but it's made out of wood. And it's got like two long things coming off the end. And normally, it's got like buckets on the end. That's what I'm imagining in my mind's eye. For some reason, I don't know. But I'm obviously not a farmer. But basically, there'd be one person on one side and one person on the other side. And they had to push this cow together. Because if one person pushed one side and one person pushed the other side, on equally, the cow turn in circles, and you would not get your land till because they're normally tilling something, like I like to think of this as like, when you are in a boat, and you guys are rowing the boat together. And if one person was faster than the other, you're gonna start turning around in circles. Or you're gonna, you're just going to be lopsided, it's like being lopsided in your faith. It's like saying, like one person is more faithful than the other. And it's very important when you are with your spouse, that you are equally yoked. I'm not saying don't marry non Christian either. So what I'm saying I'm saying when I met my husband, if he said that he wasn't gonna marry anybody that wasn't practicing Christianity, we would not be married. Just on that out there, we would not be married. I was not practicing Christianity. I would probably say it was like Gnostic at the time. I just wasn't, it just seemed very judgy and very condescending, and other bad pieces that get associated with Christianity. And I didn't want that. I was like, I don't want that. Everybody that says that I'm gonna go to hell for doing this or doing that. I'm not not about that. If you want to love me through my pain and love me through my stuff, maybe we can get together on this, which is what happened in my life. But when we are unequally yoked with our partner, we can't do things in God's will, together with our partners, I'm not weak, you can't, I just doesn't happen. So I am a ADH deer, which means that when I get into something, I go deep, I get into that thing. And so when I decided to get into Christianity, I went deep and got baptized. I did the whole thing because I was like, this is this is my new life. That's it when I decided something I decided and that was it. Okay, so going back to being unequally yoked with your partner, yada, yada, yada. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, when you have a partner, you need to be equally yoked, you need to have the same mindset of where you're going. Right, you are going to complete each other because you guys are partners in life. And this morning, I was setting and I was looking for a woman who was as equally yoked as her husband. I was looking for one in the Bible. I knew there had to be one because I was created like this, without there being an example in the Bible. I am not I am special. But I am not like so unique that there is not a woman similar to me. I was looking for a woman in the Bible that was equally yoked with her partner, who was shouting the Word of God from the Top of the rooftops or into a microphone on a podcast, who was an entrepreneur, and a mom. And she was just like she was me. I was looking for a multi faceted, multi passionate woman in the Bible that was married that was doing good work for Jesus. I was like, There's got to be one. They talk about the Proverbs 31 woman, and she's all these things. But she is not a real person, per se. It's like a combination of lots of people. And that was like, okay, but there's got to be one like me in the Bible. There's got to be. So I was looking at the woman. There's a woman in the Bible, who is an entrepreneur, who I feel like we always hear about, she's a woman who was selling, like rich people cloth, she was selling fine linens, purple royal clothing, and fabrics. And, yeah, she was an entrepreneur, she led her entire family to be Christians. She was doing the thing. But that's not the life I'm living. I'm not doing this in a vacuum by myself or my family. Me and my husband are equals, in this, you know, I'm saying so I was like, There's got to be somebody that's closer to what I am doing, and how I'm doing it. So I started looking for her. And I found her. Her name is Priscilla. And you don't meet Priscilla until x, really? And I'm going to tell you a little bit about her. And why I want to be that power couple like I there was a whole there's like a whole period of my life where I was like, I want me and my husband to be Beyonce and Jay Z. Nope, nine more. I want us to be Priscilla and Aquila. Let's go. I'm gonna be Priscilla and Aquila, in this thing, okay, I was gonna say something else. But it's not appropriate for Christian podcasts. But for real. I want to be that power couple. I want to be that power couple. That's the one I want to be. That's the one that I want to model myself after. Beyonce and Jay Z are great. They're billionaires are doing their thing. They got businesses, good for you. I want to do for God though. You know, I'm saying I want to be that power couple for God. And I found one. Priscilla, and Aquila. Okay. So when I was setting, I found her in x. And basically, she, her and her husband lived in Rome, and in Rome is obviously in Italy, where were the Romans are and they were kicking out all the Jews. So they kicked out all the Jews. And they went to I think is Ephesus. I'm not very good at biblical geography. But basically, they they left Italy and their trial, oh, they're traveling to Corinth. And that's where they met Paul. Because I believe in divine timing. I feel like everybody you meet when you're on the god journey is legit. Okay, so they meet Paul. And the way things worked back then is if you were a rabbi for like a Christian rabbi at that point, you also had a job, like, you did not get paid for preaching, you only got paid for what you did in your work. And so he was a tentmaker. Paul was a tentmaker. So he met Priscilla and Aquila. And they were also Techmakers. They together, were tentmakers. They together owned a business. They together. We're doing this right. And so when they became friends with Paul, they were like, Okay, you are legit, I love you. You're my buddy. I want to do what you're doing. I understand now the true love of Jesus, I understand how things work in the biblical and the spiritual realm. I get it. Let's go. Let's go do this thing. Let's go preach the word of Jesus. And so they went on missionary work. They did it. They even went back to Rome. And she, she was also preaching. She was preaching. It doesn't just say that she's preaching to women. It says that she was preaching. And so when they adopted the missionary lifestyle, like they decided that they were going to do everything in their power to spread the gospel. So they would bring people into their home, they would bring people close to them so they could teach them even more things about Jesus. There was even a preacher that came that was preaching. And he was a, he wanted to be a Christian, but he didn't know Jesus had lived yet. And so he was preaching about like, you need to repent. John the Baptist is saying that we're having like, the Messiah is coming. He's on his way. We need to do all these things. And so they brought him to their house and started teaching him about Jesus and all the things that Jesus did because he didn't even know that Jesus

had lived and died at that point. So they were literally teachers of Jesus, like the beta. They were like the beta teachers, the old school guys on the first on the scene kind of 100% Right. And so like even in the Bible, like Paul will talk about Priscilla and Aquila. And in Romans 13 Three he's talking to somebody says greet Priscilla and Aquila. He doesn't say Aquila, and Priscilla. He even puts her name first. So in my mind, that's a big deal. That is a huge deal to put a woman's name in front of her husband, and talk about her in such a great light. And I want that, that I want to be above my husband. We are equally yoked. But I want people to know that I am my own person too. And that's what she was doing. She is her own person doing her own things. But she's partnering with not only God, but her husband. So when we're talking about Priscilla and Aquila, we can tell from the scriptures. So they're found in X. Romans First Corinthians and he's telling people to go see them and to meet with him and to learn from them. Because he's like, these are my these are my homies. Okay, go meet with them, they they will set you on the right track for sure. I know them intimately. And when we're thinking about what our life is with our spouse, we need to know that, that they are the couple to aspire to. They were like literal life partners, and their partnership was in ministry, and money making. And in marriage, they were a married couple doing all these things. And they were traveling, they were missionaries. And you know what, I want to be like them, I want to aspire to be like them. I want greater intimacy, in my relationship with my husband. I feel like we've got great intimacy. But you know, some days I'm like, What are you even doing? Like, why? Why are you doing this to me, I stopped being so mean. But you know what? I know that if I continue to get closer to God, develop that intimacy and that trust with God, I can trust that the people in my life are also going to be trustworthy, and not hurt me, because I know what love really is. And I can see it. And when I see relationships, like Priscilla and Aquila has, I'm just ready. I'm ready for deep love and intimacy. And knowing that I'm not doing anything wrong, because there are women there lauded in the Bible for doing the same things that I want to do aspire to, and am doing. You have to be equally yoked, you have to have a partner that is on your side that also has the same things in mind. And you guys aren't going to agree on everything. Some strategy is going to be off. But you know what, as long as you eyes are on, on Jesus, on intimacy, and living a life that is glorifying God, through your marriage, through your money making through your business, through your ministry, you have nothing to worry about. And so for me and my husband, that is why we were created and why we are together. And I know that with him. He's the Aquila to my Priscilla. He is the yin to my Yang. He's my, my dude. Right? He's the power cup. They are the power couple that I want to be. And I can't wait to become that. Because we are we're going to be that power couple. Like sometimes I think about the reveres. I don't know if you've heard of Lisa Bevere. And her husband, I don't even remember his name. I've read his books. But I'm just enamored with her because so many people think that women should have a certain place because of what things are said in the Bible, when there are literally rebels out there who are doing the things that God wants them to do. And I want to be that I want to be that rebellious person according to society, and do the things that I'm supposed to be doing according to God's will. So I don't know about you, but I'm gonna learn even more about Priscilla and Aquila, and read X eight teen and Roman 16 and First Corinthians and learn more about my new friends. Priscilla, and Aquila. I just want to pray for you. Dear Lord, thank you so much for everyone who is listening to this podcast Lord, I know that when two or more gathered, you are here in the midst, Lord, I know that wherever they are, you are there also, Lord, I know that when you are asking me to say these words, they're permeating their hearts. They're, they're blessing them because they know that they also to want to be that power couple for Jesus. Lord, I know that when when we are talking about being equally yoked that is inviting them to have a conversation with their spouse about what that means to them and how they can be even more intimate and together. Lord, I know that when we are leaving our families when the men leave their families and they they meet their wives, they become one flesh Lord, I encourage you to help whoever's listening to this podcast to get deeper to their spouse to reconnect to be that one flesh. Word. Sometimes it's easy, especially with with the world and things that are happening and things that we see to be unconnected with our spouse or I just ask that you really take us and mesh us closer to be equally yoked with our spouse, and Disney I pray. Amen. Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that. So share this episode, leave a review. And I would love if you could watch my free workshop at Jeannette peterson.com/missing piece. I'll see you guys over on the Grahams at Jeannette dot Peterson bye

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