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Episode 81

#81: The Power in Your Words

Today Jeanette shares her personal experience of receiving a timely answer to her prayer. You will explore the power of words, the importance of faith, the incredible impact of prayer, and she will take you on a ride through Mark 11, highlighting the importance of staying closely connected to God.Tune in!

This episode has the potential to make your jaw drop! Picture this: a military family awaiting for a response, a spouse praying and trusting that sooner or later all prayers are heard, and an email that, out of the blue, delivers the sought-after confirmation! 

While you shouldn't expect to always have an answer the minute you ask, you WILL have your answer on time, according to God's divine plan. Have faith and trust that He will guide you in your life's decisions, especially in times of uncertainty. 

Verses:  Mark 11:22-24

In this episode: 

  • Recognize that your words hold weight
  • The power of faith and prayer according to The Bible.
  • The importance of staying close to God and pray when you ned guidance

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Hey, girl, hey, I prayed a prayer last night, and then it came through the next day. Has it ever happened to you? That never happens to me and I was floored. I mean, somebody will can say about you as a coincidence, you know, you asked for something, and then it happened the next day. That's just a coincidence. I don't think so. Because I believe that our words literally have power. Like, I think that when we ask for things, and we say things out loud, and we talk to God, the things that we say, have weight and have power, the more we talk to God, the more we're in prayer, the more we're connected to him his divine Holy Spirit, then we can feel him coming upon us. And when that happened, we can talk to him and he can hear us and he can give us answers like that. And it doesn't always happen like that, right? I had been praying about all the things are happening in your life, and we are starting to make plans. But we're a military family, which means we're always on the edge of moving maybe possibly, right and right now, my husband applied for something that would take us somewhere. And we think that we had gotten there, but we weren't sure yet. It was not 100%. And because of that, we were kind of still like, in limbo about all the things that could happen here, where we live now. And things are gonna happen, where we're going. And so I've been like, trying to plan things like, am I going to do this program for school? Are we going to do dance? Are we going to do this? Could we buy this? Could we sell this, like, all these things that could happen in this town? Verse moving, right. So when I'm, I was sitting there, and I was praying to God, and I was like, God, I just want confirmation that we're going so that way, I could make plans accordingly. Because I want to do whatever you have for me. And if it's not here, that's cool. But I want to make plans in your direction, not in my direction. Literally, the next day, we got a confirmation. And it wasn't orders, because orders aren't going to come out for another couple of weeks. Because that's just how the cycle works. We got an email. And it just happened to say, hey, we just want to let you know the you bid accepted to this unit, yada, yada, yada. And I was like, Oh, wow. Wow, that's next day. And for the record, out of my 11 years in the military, I had ordered before I ever got an email from the squadron in his 11 years, the exact same thing. So this is not something that happens. Normally, this is not a normal occurrence is Oh my You get orders. And then weeks later, somebody will email you after you already have orders. So I just want to remind you, that your words have power. And when you are talking to God, God will hear your prayers as long as you are connected to him in a divine soul way.

I don't know how to explain that other than those words, but that's the truth. The thing that we need to remember is in Mark 11,

Jesus is talking and he's saying, Have faith in God, constantly. This is the Amplified Version. And I don't always constantly have faith in God, I'm not gonna lie to you and say that I do. I would like to, sometimes I doubt. And that's what I have to pray for confirmation, because I'm like, I know that you are in this. I know your hand is in this. When we applied for that position. We prayed about it. And God told us to do it. It was confirmed. So we did it. So I'm asking, Hey, confirmation, this is real. He said, Yes, this is okay. The next verse says, verse 23, Mark 11. And the Amplified says, I assure you, and most solemnly say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt in his heart, in God's unlimited power, but believes that what he says is going to take place, it will be done for him in accordance with God's will. Right? If I say, I want to homeschool both my kids because I feel like I will be able to get a better godly lifestyle for my kids. I have no reason not to believe that that's not gonna happen. None. Why would that not happen? It is in accordance with God's will. As far as I know. That's not something that I just said. I wanted to be a homeschool mom from the get no thank you. I was never that person. I was the person that was like Okay, how much is private school going to cause because I want them to get into a good school. But I don't have time for that, because I'm running up the corporate ladder. Okay, that was me. But now I'm like, I want you still make money. That hasn't changed. But the motivation for why I want to make money and how I want to make money has changed. And that's God's will. That's God's heart change in me. So when I know that I have something powerful that I'm supposed to be doing that I'm supposed to be saying that I'm supposed to be doing, I can just say, God, this mountain in front of me, throw it into the sea, whatever that mountain is, and I know because I'm using my words, because my words have power. I mean, come on, y'all. God literally said, Let there be light and what happened? There was light. And that was before that sun in the moon were created. Just so you know. Because, okay, I'm going off on a tangent. Here. We are in CC, which is classical conversations, for homeschool. And the semester just ended. But every morning, well, every Monday, whenever we went, it, we would sing. The first Dennis's one would sing the Genesis one song. So I know about Genesis one, okay. In the beginning, I'm gonna say it for you. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void. And God, I forgot the words. I forgot the words, but you get it. Okay, I know it. So I know that God said, Let there be light before there was a sun and the moon. Okay. So if he can say that, and we're created in his image, and we have the Holy Spirit inside of us after we've been baptized? Don't you think that we have that resurrection power that power, that part of God's unlimited power in us. And we're supposed to partner with God to use that power on Earth, with our words. So as long as we're using our words, in the way that God has commanded us to, to, to cast out things to ask for things. We're going to get it y'all with unlimited power with trust with knowing God, in accordance to His will. I'm telling you, in verse 24, of Mark 11, it says, For this reason, I'm telling you, whatever things you ask for in prayer, in accordance with God's will believe, with competent trust that you have received them, and they will be given to you. So you already, all you have to do is ask, and then believe that is true. And God is working out all things for His glory. For you, for you. And I know that at the end of this year, God's gonna have changed my life. I mean, he does every year and I was trying to slow down, but God knows I like to run in business in life and things. So he's just been given me more things to run for. So I've been running with the Lord, and it feels good. You know, it's like, people say, you should go take a walk with God. I don't like to walk. I like to run. So we run in me and God's running. We are a marathon on this thing called life. And I know that when I've got mountains, I say, cast them away. He's got me. He's got my back. And I know that whenever I'm asking him things for asking him things and prayer, because of answer, like he did. Proof is in the pudding. I literally have never had a prayer entered that fast. But I know that was gone. I don't believe in coincidences. I don't believe in coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences at all. Not in the big. So why would I do that in the small? No, the God has a plan for us where we're going. I'm excited. I'm excited, y'all. I'm excited not to pack up not to move not to any of those things. But to see the fruits of the abundance of the seeds we've been planting. I'm excited for that for this new season. Because God said so because it's in Scripture, because I believe in God because I believe in His unlimited power. So I don't know about you, but I'm in my faith run with God. And so if you ready, strap on those shoes girl gets to step in

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