Episode 117

#117 3 reasons to create a system for your marketing

In this episode, Jeanette explores the value of creating systems to save precious time, build deeper connections, and streamline your business. She shares insights on her anti-algorithm method, why knowing your clients intimately is essential, and how to qualify leads effectively. Plus, she offers a glimpse into her upcoming masterclass, "Systems for Rapid Growth."

"Time is like trying to hold onto a rope to survive; it slips through our fingers, and there's nothing we can do."

"When you are creating, you want to do it with your whole heart, and you can't do that if you don't know your clients."

"Qualified leads are the key to success. Cold DMs don't work; it's all about building meaningful connections."

"I'm here to do a certain thing, and if I can show God's love by helping someone, whether they pay me or not, that's all that matters."

In this episode: 

  • Prioritize creating efficient systems in your business to save time and focus on what truly matters.
  • Building deep connections with your clients is crucial for success; get to know them intimately and understand their pain points.
  • Qualify leads effectively to ensure that you're serving the right clients and connecting them with the right resources.
  • Embrace reciprocity and help others in your industry, even if it doesn't directly benefit you, as it fosters a stronger, more supportive community.

Register for Jeanette Peterson's upcoming masterclass, "Systems for Rapid Growth," at Jeanettepeterson.com/simple, taking place on November 7th, 8th, and 9th at 1 p.m. CST. Discover her three-step process for generating leads, her anti-algorithm method, and how to fine-tune your messaging to streamline your business and cut lead time in half. Join and boost your business's growth!

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And I was like, That's what time is. I'm trying to hold on to it so tight to get to survival and I'm literally falling. I can't. There's nothing I can do. I can't get any more time. I can't slow down the clock. I can't do any of those things. But what I can do is work harder in my business to create systems. So that way I don't have to waste time doing things that I don't need to be doing.

Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business that is aligned with God's will. Hey, girl. Hey. I'm doing that business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said Celia and I had to find my true calling. Want to know how God directed my life? From a cybersecurity engineer to a faith and business mentor? In this podcast. I'll teach you how to start a business, how to know your business is God's calling monetization techniques, how to trust the Holy Spirit and how to set boundaries to listen to his Word alone. Ready to become unapologetically unstoppable.

Hey, girl. Hey, I'm so excited because I want to invite you to register for my class coming up next week. Systems for Rapid Growth. And it's Jeanette Peterson dot com slash simple. And when you go there and you register, you get a taste of what that content is going to be like in this episode right here. Stay tuned tools into my anti algorithm method that will help you attract soulmate clients so easily.

Now, I know that the number one thing you don't have is time. This weekend we were going to the pumpkin patch and I think it is pumpkin patch season all around, you know what I mean? So I was out there. We were going to do the things we got back in the car. We've all got our pumpkins. It was great.

And we live in the Midwest. And so they have a corn pit. It's a strange thing if you've never seen one before, but it's like a silo and it's got corn in the pit and you just play around and the kids are just playing around. It's on like a sandbox, but it's corn. It's so they're playing around in that.

And then I looked back at my daughter when we're in the car and I looked at her and I was like, my gosh, this kid is huge. This is not a three year old anymore. This is an almost four year old kid. This is no longer a toddler faced kid. This is like a kid kid. She's speaking in full sentences.

She's very eloquent at this point, which is new for her. It's new for her. And so I was just admiring and taking the time out to think about how deep it was for me to realize that, like, I look at her every day, I have not gone on a trip in a while. I've been here. I see her every day and to look at her in the face and realize how she's grown is like, my gosh, where has the time gone?

It's like time is just drifting out of our hands. It's like we are trying to grab at it and we can't. I was watching this show. It's about these celebrities. They're trying to become like rangers. They go to this Ranger school. And one of the the things they had to do was they had to jump in the water and then swim to this rope and then climb up into a helicopter.

And I was watching them. And some of them are like grabbing the rope and they're grabbing the rope and they're going up and then something happens and they just fall. And I was like, That's what time is. I'm trying to hold onto it so tight to get to survival and I'm literally falling. I can't. There's nothing I can do.

I can't get any more time. I can't slow down the clock. I can't do any of those things. But what I can do is work harder in my business to create systems so that way I don't have to waste time doing things that I don't need to be doing that don't affect one of my family to my mission or three my bottom line.

So if you guys register for my class at Jeanette Peterson dot com slash simple, we'll go even deeper into this anti algorithm method. But right now I just want to remind you that this time is so precious. And another thing that it helps you do is create deeper connections because when you are creating whatever it is, you're creating your coaching program, your service, whatever those things are that you're doing, you want to do it with your whole heart.

And I know you do, because otherwise you would not be listening to my podcast and because I know who you are as that kind of person that you want deep connections with these people because you want to know them intimately in order to serve them the best you can. And you can't do that if you don't know them.

So when we're on Instagram, we're doing the reels and we're dancing, we're trying to do all the things that we do. We can't get deeper connections if we are just being entertained. We are deep, intimate people and our businesses are just as deep and intimate, right? So when I'm coaching clients, I want to know who they are. I want to know their souls.

I want to know their hurt points. I want to know where they've come from. I want to know if they've grown up with their parents or not. Do they have a support system? What does that look like? How can we help them get more support? Right? If I don't know them, if I don't qualify these leads first, these customers, these future clients of mine, by getting to know them a little bit in the DMS, then I'm never going to know if they're qualified.

I'll just see them. Come on, I'll do a sales call and back up. That leader was not qualified or even right to run ad That's only one part of the system. It can't just be ads. It has to also be the deeper connections. And another thing is when you do the deeper connections, then you know exactly what their pain point is and how you can help them and serve them the best way that you know how.

I think it's funny when people just meet people and send random DMS, they're like, Hey, I got one DM one time. That was like, Hey, how long have you been in business? I said, This long, okay, well, I know you need X, Y, and Z based on how long you've been in business. I'm like, You don't know anything about me.

You just know one fact of how long I've been in business. But that doesn't mean anything. You don't know how many sales I've had. You know, if I've got a team, you don't know what kind of business I truly have, like what model I'm running it on. You can't help me. And I kind of got mad. I was like, I was kind of rude to her, actually.

And then she blocked me. But that's okay because I was not her ideal client anyways, because I don't do cold DMS is gross. That's just gross to me. So when we have qualified leads, we know who they are, we know how we can serve them. And if we can serve them, because I will be the first one to tell somebody if I can't serve them, you need social media help.

Cool. What kind of social media help? you need somebody to post every day for you. I can't do that. That's not what I do. But I do know this girl who's a military spouse and she has an agency and she's really good at it. And I will give you her information because I also believe in reciprocity. Maybe she'll think of me one day.

I'm like, yeah, Jeanette does X, Y and Z, and she doesn't. I don't care. I'm helping the client. That's the most important thing to me. And I'm doing that by showing God's love. I was created here to do a certain thing, and I'm going to do that. And if I can show God's love through helping somebody, even if it's not paying me, I don't care because I know that they're going to go do God's work and I'm doing God's work.

And so that just means we have more people in the kingdom. Hello. That's all I care about. So if I get paid for that one client or not, that's all I care about. But it will help me to know if they're qualified for my services. So when you come to the masterclass at Jeanette Pearson dot com so simple and you register today you'll see on November 7th, eighth and ninth, my three step process for getting leads.

You'll see my anti algorithm, you'll see how to tap into the ease and flow of your communication style to build systems around you because everybody's different. I can't tell you that this one system will work for everybody because that's just not true. And then also how to fine tune your messaging so that way people know exactly who they are, who you are when they go to stalk you.

Let's be real. We all stalk each other on the internet. You check them out before, as soon as you get a DM, as soon as you get a friend class, you're like, Who is this person? Let me go see what they've been posting about. Let me go see what they've been talking about and then you'll know who they are.

And that way this will help you cut your lead time. You're from connection to convert time in half. So register for the masterclass. Jeanette Peterson dot com slash simple for the webinar systems for Rapid Growth November 7th, eighth and ninth 1 p.m. CST. I'll see you guys there.

Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that.So share this episode, leave a review and I would love it if you could watch my free workshop at Jeanette Peterson dot com slash missing piece. I'll see you guys over on the grams at Jeanette Peterson bye.

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