Episode 116

#116 How to Embrace Change and Evolution with Allison Hardy

Join us in this episode as Jeanette has a friendly conversation with email funnel strategist and entrepreneur, Alison Hardy. We explore her journey from personal training to business coaching, her unapologetic approach to faith in business, and how she helps coaches and experts enroll new clients into their courses and memberships on autopilot. 

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"I kind of think of my business as a living, breathing thing that moves as I move."

"You can't come in here because you're this or that or whatever. I subscribe to the Christianity that Jesus is love, and I'm going to show as much love as I can through my business because that's how He made me." 

"And I think that like a lot of times that I mean, that's not the right thing to say, it is the main driver, but it's not like how I lead." 

"It's bigger than just that. So I think that when people sign up for your membership, they are going to be changing people's lives, and they gotta be ready for that." 

In this episode: 

Embrace change and evolution in your business and life, as it can lead to significant growth and impact.

Lead with love and authenticity in your business, showcasing the light of Jesus through your actions.

Your faith can serve as a guiding force in your business, allowing you to make an impactful difference in the lives of others.

Show up unapologetically as yourself in your business and be prepared to change lives and make a significant impact in the world.

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Hey, girl Hey, welcome to today's episode. Today I've got Alison Hardy. Alison Hardy is an email funnel strategist, which I am obsessed with. And she helps coaches and experts enroll new clients into their courses and memberships on autopilot. Alison is the creator of the six figure secrets podcast, a Huffington Post contributor and has been featured in EY Fs magazine and was named one of Washington DC he's most influential professionals under 40 by Washington Life magazine. She and her husband here and two kids 10 year old Camden and five volt Nora live right outside Washington DC in Arlington, Virginia. Welcome Alison, how are you doing today? I'm good. Thank you so much for having me here. I I met Alison through one of our mutual friend Sam Sam, who is a phenomenal copywriter. And I have known Sam probably for a couple years now since I've been in the entrepreneur space and I love her. How did you meet Sam? Just quick shout out to Sam. Yes stands awesome. I love her. She's one of our CO coaches inside of my mastermind clients on autopilot mastermind and I met her through a bundle that I think were you a part of the bundle.

Do you know?

No, no. There were like breakout rooms. And she was in one of the breakout rooms that I was in and she has this like gnarly sleeve of tattoos. And I was like tell me about the tattoos because I want to tattoos.

Because I asked her like a million questions about our tattoos and like time was up and I was like, Oh crap, we didn't really get the opportunity to talk about, you know, the thing we're supposed to talk about. So we continue that conversation. And here we are now. I met Sam because we're both military spouses or affiliated right. And we were doing our thing me and my ex partner Allison, her name is Allison two. And

we just got really she was part of our we had a marketing thing and she was like our lead copywriter and I obsessed with her. And then me and Sam tried out for a show together and didn't work out obviously because we're both still here in America.

And we also went on vacation me her and Alison was supposed to meet up and spoke and we're Alison lives and also got COVID That weekend. So me and Sam spent like a weekend and a cabin hanging out doing puzzles, making reels. It was amazing. That's amazing. That's so cool. I didn't know that. I love I love Sam. I love her so much. And when I moved to California, I'm very excited that we'll be closer to her and then get to hang out and I just love her. She's great. Yeah, no, she's wonderful. She's human. Yeah. And she's actually I've been her membership. She's membership. Man. Just shout out to Sam, holy cow. I'm in her membership. It's a it's about copywriting. Obviously, she's happy writer. And she's great. So tell me about Jesus. Tell me, how did you how did you find Jesus?

I find Jesus that's a big question. Um, you know, I don't know if there was like, a moment. You know, it's like my husband's a pastor, and everyone has this like call, right? So they have this like moment, where like, they're like, oh my gosh, I'm supposed to be a pastor. And while I've never experienced that, I've noticed I want to be a pastor.

I don't really have like a thing. I don't have like a thing where I'm like, Oh, hey, Jesus. Um, I think for me, I've always known there's something else, right? I've always known and felt like, hey, so like this mountain that I'm staring at. There's no way that this was like, just happenstance. You know, like, I always had that sort of feeling. So in high school, my best friend in high school who actually ended up dumping me as her best friend, which was a terrible experience. But like this, I think this is why she came into my life. She was super, super, super vocal about her faith. And

she kind of freaked me out. Like I was kind of like, okay, this is a lot like you're really intense. But what she helped me to see was like, God

I'd in different areas of my life. And so like she would say thing, like, we would be like, we're on track together. And so she'd be like, I felt I felt God at the end of that run, I'd be like, and she's, you know, those like, like that voice that kind of comes in and like says, like, you can do this, or like, this is really hard. Yeah, like this, this hurts. And it's okay. She's like, that's God talking to me. I was like, Oh, okay. And so just like seeing those, like, being made aware of it. And then in my daily life, like seeing those things, and then you know, my husband, I met him, and he wasn't always the pastor. And so helping him to kind of navigate the decision to be like, Hey, I am actually going to answer this call. And then just how things have kind of like, worked out. They've always like, not in ways I ever thought they would work out, but like, things have always worked out. So I think it's more of like these, like, gentle, sometimes pushes. But like, just reminders that like you're actually not in control, Allison and like, I created this like for, for you. I don't know if that's the right thing to say. Yeah. But you know, it's just like the constant like reminder, like, Hey, I'm here. Yeah. I love that. Because I feel like, I've been going through things like that, and being like, Okay, this is not going to make sense. And if I go do this thing, it's not going to make sense. But every time I do that thing, because I know it's God, it's like, everything's fine. There's nothing to worry about. I don't like you're saying, I'm not actually in control. I can pretend like I am and think that I am sometimes, but

tell me. Yeah, so I can, like walk confidently knowing that I can't fail, because I already have this big calling that God has called me to. And so if as long as I'm doing that, it's not going to fail, because I have no control over it. Yeah, I always think like, while I try to, I try to control every situation, every situation. And every, almost every situation never works out and the way they think it should. And so I'm always reminded, like, I feel like I make plans, and then God laughs and says, haha, you're actually gonna do this other thing. So like that constant reminder of God's presence and God's

I guess, just God's presence.

So I asked you take a quiz. And that quiz was your spiritual gift. Do you remember what your gift was? Teaching? Yes. Were you surprised at that? No. Yeah, neither was

it all the add all the options, and I was like, oh, it's totally gonna be teaching. And then I took the quiz. And it was like, you're very much so teaching. Yeah. Because some of them I was like, oh, no, that's like I saw I was like, Nope, that may not be.

And I love that because your business is part of that. Why did you start? Okay. I think when I first was made aware of you, and I didn't realize that I had already, like, come in contact with you before I met you was Sam, like some mompreneur thing, I guess. And I was on your email list on some other email. And I was like, Oh, this is the same person. What made you start that business? And what does it become today? Because it was a little bit different from what I remember than what it is now. Yeah. So the entrepreneurial journey. So when I started my business, I started my business because I got laid off from my college level art teaching job when I was six months pregnant with Camden, who's now my husband was a youth director at the time. And I don't know if y'all know anything about youth strikers. They didn't make $0. But they make no money. And I was a inch like first couple of years teaching college level art. I wasn't making any money, either. We were making about the same amount of money. And I didn't have maternity leave through my job, like wasn't a thing that they offered me. And so the plan was for me to work up until the day I had Kendon. And then I was going to take five weeks off, because that's how much money we had saved up. And I got laid off for six months pregnant. And so that wasn't part of the plan. Like that wasn't going to work financially. So we were in like, major financial crisis. So I started my business at, like, on a whim, I was like, here we go. And it was at the time, it was a personal training business, which sounds so crazy to think about. But I had a personal training like super side hustle that I trained my friends in our backyard, and I was like, Okay, let's like we're gonna make this thing full time. So I replaced my nine to five income in the three months before Camden was born, which sounds great, but it was terrible. I worked I worked all the time. I was like, I was like that typical, like hot mess, yoga pants, messy ball, and that was me. And so then CAMI comes into the world, which is great and wonderful, but I'm hit with postpartum depression, like really bad. I couldn't work. So as quickly as it came up, it came crashing down. So I shifted everything to business strategy, because I had people asking me like, how did you do that? And so I put the spin

And on it of being helping moms because like, that was the season I was in. And I couldn't deny that. So that's how that evolved. And then, as my business has evolved, and we welcome Nora into the world, and now they're five and 10, I've kind of moved away from the mom marketing simply because like, I don't relate as much to that any more, right? I'm not I don't have little kids anymore. I have like, middle aged kids. And so it kind of evolved out of that. And really, everything has evolved through my bit like from personal training, to the more mom focus business coaching to more like the scaling business coaching that I'm in now, to email funnels, like all the topics, they've evolved as, like, I've evolved. So like, as much as my business has changed. That's how much I've changed.

So yeah, it can get confusing sometimes, because there's been lots of evolutions of the business.

But it's evolved with me, which has been fine. So it's kind of like, I kind of think of my business as like a living breathing thing that like moves as I move. Yes, yes. I don't know if you can hear the planes. I'm on bass, and I guess they're flying today. No, I don't know. Cool. Sweet.

Okay, usually, like Air Force One, or what is it Marine One, Biden's helicopter flies right in our house all the time. So as you say that, yeah.

So I love the fact that you said that your business is evolving constantly as you evolve. Because I think that some people think when they're in a business, that it has to say exactly how they imagined it when they first entered it. Which is not true. Because if I stayed with the same man that I married, when I married him eight years ago, we would not be together, like we have to change people have to grow, as your business does. And I love that you said that, because I don't think that people, either one, realize that or think about that. As often as you change, things change, it has to change. 100%. And I love to use that marriage analogy, because that was the best piece of marriage advice we ever got. When we were in like premarital counseling, like the person you're marrying today is not going to be the person. You're married to two 510 15 years.

Who said that?

Yeah, I think like, as much as we need to, like see that at the end idea through rounds, like, don't give up, like, let's keep going.

I think there will be indicators. And one could argue this is a Jesus nudge that like things need to shift. So if you're continuing to do something, and in your business, and you keep getting this like feeling that like Something's just not like that alignment, you need to determine if it's like outside of your comfort zone or like just not right for you. And so if it's just that right for you, like shift, you're probably going to do better with that new iteration. And it's also probably not like it's going to be like this sudden shift overnight unless you go from like, personal training to business coaching like I did, but it which was completely, completely the opposite direction. But it's probably just going to be a subtle shift. And you might make it into a big deal. But your audience probably won't make it into a big deal. They're probably like, cool. That's a really cool idea. She just came up with, like, Oh, yes, I want that too. Yeah, that's what I love about like lifers, like people they're like obsessed with you are obsessed with you, because they like you. And they're like, Oh, she's changing, I change to let's go do this thing that she's doing. That's awesome. Yeah. So absolutely. What made you unapologetic about your faith in a way that you're like, I am a faith filled business person, because you're not overly I went into your business, your business is a Christian business. But you're you are a Christian that has a business? Yes. Yeah. And that's kind of how I operate most of my life. Like I look at things through the lens of being a Christian, instead of like having that be like the main driver, I guess. And I think that like a lot of times that that I mean, that's not the right thing to say it is the main driver, but it's not like how I lead. There we go. Right? I think that I'm able to because of that I'm able to bring that I like Christian ideas and a Christian focus into how I approached the business. And what was your question? I'm sorry. It was just like, how did you become unapologetic about that? Because I feel like in business, sometimes, you're either

like, if you're a Christian business, people expect certain things of you or they have a certain lens about you, and they are already preconceived about how you're going to operate, how you're going to act, who you allow into your business and who you don't allow into your business because of the word Christianity when I feel like me, and you are on the same page with this, that that is not the Christianity that I represent that just a piece. It's like, you can't come in here because you're this or that or whatever. I subscribe to the Christianity that the Jesus is love, and I'm going to show as much love as I can through my business because that's how he made me and then keep going after that. Yeah, yeah, um, there was a time in my business when I told

have to lie about being a pastor's wife. And I found myself getting put into a box. And I'm pretty rebellious. So like, the minute you put me in a box, I'm like, nope, let's just bust that thing open.

And completely prove me wrong. So because of that rebellious side of my personality, I really don't openly discuss like, I am a pastor. So I don't lead with that anymore. Because of of that, but I kind of

have the perspective of there's a quote by someone, and I can't remember who it is, preach your sermon, like 100% of the time, and when necessary use words. So like, that's kind of how I think about things like walk, like do the work, show up in the way that you know, is in alignment with you, and then everything else will fall into place. So when it comes to being unapologetically Christian, I think a lot of it is like showing people how you live. And then you'll attract those right for you people into your life and into your business. And one of the ways that I've gotten really unapologetically is just seeing, like my husband and how he shows up in his ministry, he has been a really big like, teacher for me in like living out a Christian ideals, and also making them your own. And doing that from a place of, I am a child of God, I've been given this gift. And I'm not going to like mute myself, or censor myself, because I know I serve a bigger, a bigger purpose here. Right? I think that's so key to is like, not censoring yourself. I think there's also a misconception about Christianity that, that as women, we cannot do certain things that we need to mute ourselves that we need to be plays second fiddle, we need to be silenced. And I can't do that. I'm just going to be the biggest, boldest version of me because that's who God called me to be. That's how he how he made me. I am I am essentially the table flipping Jesus. Like I will do all the things and flip the table. But also like, love you and like bringing you in. And yeah, I mean, if we look at the life of Jesus, that was kind of his deal, right? He got super angry about certain things being for a very specific reason, if we're purpose, right, there was like a point to it's not just flipping tables, flip tables, but he always did it was because there wasn't the love that needed to be there. And so like he loved you so much to flip the table, and do that explain like, hey, this isn't working. And sometimes, you know, he didn't explain. That's fine, too. But yeah, it's always there was always like a bigger purpose there. So I think if we can connect to that bigger purpose, doing things and acting out, you know, living our life, it, it makes it a little bit more clear in order

for us to do the things that we actually need to do. Yeah. So on your journey, you I feel like are one of the you're like a leader in the industry, right? Like you are one of those people. So with your new offerings are coming out with the mastermind, which is going to be amazing. Tell me how that makes other women unstoppable. How will they be able to connect with you and be like, my business? I want it to be an empire, I want to become unstoppable as well. How do I become that with your mastermind? Yeah, so a lot of my clients have, they're really freaking good at what they do. They're experts in their field, all these certifications, they have amazing programs. And despite all of that, they have just a really hard time selling them. Like that's all there is to it. So

what I help my clients do is sell their programs, but do it in a way that works for them and for their life. So that's why I'm really sold on the idea of email funnels. And that's why I've built this business around email Funnels is because email funnels are essentially a launch, they're a way to sell your programs without you actually showing up to your program to know without you actually showing up to the launch of your program. So they become unstoppable. Because they are able to do that work without actually showing up to it because they like really like my clients. They just wanted to work with their clients. They want to enroll people into their programs, they want to be able to do that work and then they want to like you know, live their life. So a lot of them have a really hard time with the marketing. So the idea of a funnel does that marketing component for them? And you know, they do big things they help people do like I have a client who helps women like with their pelvic floor let's such born

babies, right? She needs to get more women in her program like bottom line, she helps them improve their life. So like for her like more people her program means more impacted means more people helped. I mean, women like our clients are like living actual better lives because their body functions better for them. So like that's really what we connect to in my programs. It's like what is that impact?

that you're gonna make by implementing this system. And once we can figure that out, it makes like everything else a lot easier. Can you imagine how many women like their lives changed and the people that they affect change once their pelvic floor has changed? Like, That's just insane to me. Like, could you imagine just being like that's like wild to me, like the ripple effects of, oh, just an email phone? No, it's not, you are literally changing lives and their people's lives, because now they're a better human being they, they feel more confident in themselves, they can show up more authentically as themselves when that is fixed. And, yeah, yeah, she's like, my, my clients say that, like, they're able to play with the kids more, and they're able to run around, and then they are able to work out in a more effective way. And then you know, all that it's just such a ripple effect. So, yeah, it's just, it's important work. And I know and like you said, just the email funnel, but like, it's like you said, it's not just an email funnel, it's impact. And when we can do it like that, I think it gets really, really important. I am obsessed with like, big vision. Like sometimes I'll have clients come to me and they're like, Oh, I just want to you know, make a couple extra dollars for my family. And I have to reject them. Because I want that big like, I want you to change people's lives vision, like those are the people that I want to help serve, because it's so easy to just be like, Oh, no, I just do like operations and help with dubsado No, I help my clients get contracts so that they can X y&z Like, it's bigger than just that. So I think that yeah, when people sign up for your membership, they are going to be changing people's lives, and they gotta be ready for that. They need to know that they are hands and feet of Jesus here, like, Let's go change the world. For real. Yeah, it's an amazing tool that can really, like you said, change the world.

What is your favorite Bible verse? And

what is my favorite Bible verse? I'm really bad. I don't know the book or the numbers, but I can tell you what it is. It's the light on the Hill passage. I think it's Mark, you're laying the hill.

You're laying on the hill. It's really I shouldn't do this. But either I, the reason why I like it is because it's kind of informs like a lot of how I show up and how I, I believe that like the way you act,

sets your priorities and set your boundaries. And so like, if you can be that like shining light, you're gonna attract those right people to you.

And it helps to kind of echo what Jesus taught us in the Bible about loving people.

That's my favorite Bible verse. Would you say that's the Bible verse that is, like the light of your business, or like your life in general? I think it's both but I think it's mostly life because I think life important my business. Yeah. Okay, I found it. This is the New King James Version when we find like a, an IV or something. Hold on. Yeah.

The message, the message is always good. Matthew 514 through 16. And the message says, here's another way to put it. You are here to be light bringing out God's colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We're going public with this as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light bearers, you don't think I'm going to hide you under a bucket. Do you? I'm putting you on a light stand. Now that I've put you there on a hilltop on a light stand shine, keep open house, be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you'll prompt people to be open with up with God, this generous Father in heaven. Yeah, good. Yes.

I love that verse. I think it makes

it helps you to understand that you actually are like filled with the Holy Spirit. You are a child of God, and you act appropriately.

Yeah, I was in the military for a long time. So in the military, there's a phrase I don't know if you've heard it, it's called cussing like a sailor. It's a new phrase. I don't know. It's kind of new. But I have been working on not saying as many profanities only because I want to be the light of Jesus. Now, because I think that I don't I don't care what people think. But I just want people to know that I am the light and Jesus, I don't cuss at people because out things, right? I'll cut out the devil because of this or that or screw that. You shouldn't do that. But I don't cuss out people. So I'm working on it.

We're all works in progress. But I think like, I mean, I love a good customer and when it's used appropriately, really, right.

So tell us where we can find you and all the things going on in your world. Yeah, so I hang out on Instagram. That's where I mostly

I am online. I handled Alison underscore Hertie underscore. And when this episode goes live, we're going to be gearing up for the clients on autopilot mastermind launch. So if you're looking to enroll new clients into your course or membership on autopilot, and you want some live support, some coaching, some co coaches at lead generation coach and a copywriting coach and you want a supportive community. I'd love to have you check it out. That's so awesome. All right. Thank you so much, Alison, for all the things all the funnel talk all the Holy Spirit talk. Thank you so much for being on the podcast and we'll see you over on Instagram. Thank you for having me.

Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that. So share this episode, leave a review. And I would love if you could watch my free workshop at Jeannette peterson.com/missing piece. I'll see you guys over on the Grahams at Jeannette dot Peterson bye

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