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Episode 79

#79: Discovering God's Plan for Your Business with Angeline Moore

Join Jeanette and her first guest Angeline Moore, as she shares her journey of overcoming the urge to fast forward and chose to faith forward instead, discovering her unique sparkle, all while balancing faith and entrepreneurship. Tune in to this episode to hear more about the true significance of faith in finding your passion, streamlining your business systems, and creating an authentic brand.

Angeline Moore is a faith based virtual director of systems operations. And she's known for her multidimensional entrepreneurial expertise and a passion for helping activate, align, and amplify their sparkle by helping them simplify their system so they can maximize their profit.

Embracing your faith as a core value in your business is essential for building a strong foundation and creating a genuine sense of purpose. As an entrepreneur, your faith can guide you through tough decisions, provide motivation during difficult times, and help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs that come with running a business. Angeline's story of overcoming personal obstacles and aligning her faith with her business goals is one that you will find relatable and inspiring.

"God’s seen me through it all and gave me the words and stories in my heart to share."

"You don't need to fast forward. You need to faith forward."

"Just because it's good doesn't mean it's from God"

"We all have our unique sparkle"

"I am the daughter of a king, I am a queen in that sense and I'm born into royalty, it makes me unstoppable."

In this episode:

  • Learn to embrace your faith as a core value in your business.
  • Why should you pray for guidance and wisdom in decision-making.
  • Create faith-inspired goals and vision for your business.
  • Importance of streamlining business systems.
  • Establish a genuine and reliable personal brand that supports your growth goals.

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Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business that's aligned with God's will? Hey, girl. Hey.

I'm Jeanette, business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said, See you later, and I had to find my true calling. Want to know how God directed my life? From a cybersecurity engineer to a faith and business mentor. In this podcast, I'll teach you how to start a business, how to know your business is God's calling, monetization techniques, how to trust the Holy Spirit, and how to set boundaries to listen to His Word alone.

Ready to become unapologetically? Unstoppable.

Hello. Hey, girl. Hey. Welcome. I'm so excited that we've got Angeline Moore here.

She's amazing. I met her in Ignite, which is the membership of Brooke Thomas, who's a super awesome faith based business grand, like Master. She's amazing. I love her. She's so great.

And Angeline Moore is a faith based virtual director of systems operations. And she's known for her multidimensional entrepreneurial expertise and a passion for helping activate, align, and amplify their sparkle by helping them simplify their system so they can maximize their profit. Here's Angeline.

I'm so excited for this. This is going to be amazing. So tell me what that means. What does that mean? To activate, align, and amplify their sparkle.

So for me, it's all a God download. Honestly, when I think about that, I always have this whole innate thing that we're all uniquely created and designed by God. We all have our unique sparkle. And sometimes you need that person to help see that in yourself. Because you don't always see your own sparkle, right?

Or you do, but things life tough, the enemy just dulls. That right. Tries to put a lampshade over your light. And so my goal, my mission, is to help activate, align, and amplify that sparkle in you so that you can continue to shine in his kingdom. Yes.

I love that. Just amplifying that light that Jesus gives us. Yes. Obsessed. Okay, so how did you meet Jesus?

Know Jesus? What is your relationship with Him? Tell me that story, because that's my favorite story that I hear of people because they're always so different. This is a good one, too. That's a great question.

So when you say how did I meet Jesus? Jesus met me. Honestly, I was born in the Philippines, and I came over here in 88 when I was three. And I didn't ever know my biological father until years later. But in those moments, I've always found, like, all my friends had their fathers and their dads, and I've always found Jesus found.

I say Jesus found me because he found me in my mess and I wasn't sure of things. And I found church. Somehow I was gravitated towards him and found my Heavenly Father. So when anyone asked me who your dad was, I would always say, jesus is my heavenly Father and he found me in that need of needing that father figure. Even though I had different guy, whoever was with my mom involved in a father figure, it's always been God the Father for me.

I love that I can definitely relate because my relationship with my dad is not perfect. So I always remember that God and Jesus are the perfect father. So I don't have to search and expect anything out of my earthly father because he will always take care of me and he will never leave me. Yes. Amen to that.

So what made you unapologetic about your faith? Because you have a faith based business and some people of faith don't have faith based businesses. So what made you so unapologetic? You were like, this has got to be part of my life. So it's been a challenge.

It's been something that I continue I don't like seeing struggle, but I continue to work through and God works in through me to be that more open to it. Honestly, it's only in the past couple of years that I've been more open about my faith walk in my faith talk. It's always been I've been conditioned, the world has conditioned me. Society schooling people around me has trained my brain to try to separate it. Right?

Like you don't mix it. Don't bring up religion or God because it's going to make people weird, right? Well, then I noticed in my darkest moments, he's always been there. And then when I was going through my entrepreneurial journey, it actually happened. 19 months after the world pandemic shut us all down is when I actually got COVID.

And I say this story in my book, voices of the 21st Century Women Transforming the World, I kind of share it in there where during that time I was stopped in my tracks. Like as an entrepreneur, you wear many hats, you're busy, you're going, you're going, you're going. And I was supposed to go to this conference, grow your business, for God's sake. In Lexington, Kentucky. And one of my mentors, Glenn Lundy, was hosting it.

It was going to be the thousand episode of Breakfast Ride and Grind. And I was so excited. I got a VIP ticket, I got my plane, I got my hotel, and then I got COVID. And it wasn't just the COVID It landed me in the hospital with double pneumonia on my lungs. I was out for the count, stopped in my track for a whole I could hardly breathe.

I could hardly laugh. I could hardly talk. I could barely even move that it stopped me that I had to sit still. I was out of work for like a month. I had to go on leave of absence of my day job, and my husband had to pretty much take over with my three boys.

And it was a hard stop. And through that I was like, I just need to fast forward through this. I just need to get better. I need to get to this conference. I need to be there.

And God's like, that sounds like a good plan, but that's not my God plan. And when I was like, I just want to fast forward to this, I was like, please, Lord, healing. I fast forward. I'm like, this is daughter, you are not listening. And he said, stop trying to fast forward.

I need you to faith forward. And that's when my Faith forward virtual summit kind of blossomed and happened and fast forward to now. Another download in January. November seems to be like my downloads. This past November is when the Kingdom Sparkle Agency kind of, like, downloaded as well.

And it's just been brooke Thomas helped me align finding her and being part of the Ignite community when it first was founded. I want to say over a year ago, she's really shown that women in business can still show up in faith. And it's okay. It's not like this taboo thing. So finding women, finding the network of people, and being a part of the rising grand community breakfast with Champions, they also are a group of entrepreneurs that really showed their faith in it.

And I was like, wow. And then I learned through Brooke, god needs to be my CEO. Or it's not it may be a good plan, but is it a God plan? I love that you said something, and it just gave me chills. My body is still in chills.

When you were like, you don't need to fast forward. You need to faith for it, I was like, oh, yes. That is so good, man. It's so right that just because it's good doesn't mean it's from God. Just because it's a good thing.

It might be a good thing to go to this conference. It might be a good thing to go do this ad or do this or that. But if it's not from God, it's not good for you, right? Yes. And I still struggle with it, trying to walk through. But with that, I've learned, like, all my life, I've been told my name Angeline, right? Is what is it? You know how the meaning of the names, right? Oh, angel. And you're a messenger of God.

I'm like, what does that even mean? I always ran from it, right? When I was little, I was supposed to write a book or a speech. And I let my stuttering get in the way when I was little because I grew up with a single mom and we lived in such poverty, and I grew up in a trailer park. And my mom did the best she could with me and her three kids, but for the most part, we didn't have the means for everything.

So I didn't take care of my teeth very well, so I had, like, rotten front teeth. And so I was like, let me just stay quiet. I didn't want to put my voice out there because I'm like, who am I to talk? And then they would look at me like, you know what I mean? I let all those that negative energy, that negative thoughts, that the worldly, things that make you think that you're not over. I love that. And I also love that your book is called Voices of the 21st Century because especially after that last story of you being able to not even have a voice. Yeah, I love that. Tell me more about your book. So this was another God instance.

I'm a co author of this book. It's an anthology with like 45 other amazing women that have their stories in this book. It's the 6th edition, I think. 6th edition. I fit there six or seven.

I think it's a six, I don't remember. But women transforming the world. It was August of last year, I want to say, and I was just up late. I kind of was already like, you get through your stuff. I was already going through this whole spiral.

Sometimes you're up, you're down. I was in another valley in my life, right? Faith forward summit. I kind of paused on it. I did three successful ones.

May I try to do another one? But I was out of alignment for it, so it didn't turn out as great. And then I kind of let it fell off and life kind of happened. And I talked about this in the book, one of my dark valleys in there. And it really put me because I've been battling with depression my whole life, right?

And God seen me through it. But this hit me and threw me back into that spiral because I was starting to step in closer to what he was calling me to do. And then I let it suck me back in. Like the enemy hits you hard when you're ready to step up, right? And I fell back into that, and I was literally sitting there as I was slowly coming back out of it, and he was leading me out of my valley up.

I got an email from Women’s speakers association WSA, and they were saying that they were looking for authors for voices. And this is like five days emails old because sometimes my inbox just sits there and who has time to look through all of them sometimes, right? So I'm like, trying to clean it up late at night. And I'm like, well, this is like five days old. They said they're looking for authors, but they're pretty much done.

And I don't know. And I was like, God's, like, apply. You get that voice, right? That download, hit apply. You need to sell that.

You tell your story. You need to tell your Faith board story. And I'm like, they won't reply to me, but I said, Admitted it. I was like, okay, whatever. The next day, Friday, I was actually at a different christian conference that was at my old church that I used to go to.

And Priscilla Shire was actually there. It was a really cool experience. I just and they called me the WSA Women's Speakers Association. And they go, hey, we have your application. We're really interested.

We want you in our book. But the thing is, you need to submit your chapter for the book on Monday. This is Friday. I guess I've never had any intention of writing a book. I never had an intention of being an author.

I used to write poetry when I was little. Writing poetry was like, my outlet of letting all my stuff down and out, right? But she was like, you have this weekend to get me your chapter by Monday. I'm like. Okay.

Thank you. I was so excited. I was like, yes, let's go. Because when God says let's go, you go, right?

I don't believe in coincidence anymore. I believe in God instances, which I talk in the book. And it was a true God instance that this all happened. And he gave me the words and the stories in my heart that he knew I needed to share, and it all just kind of came out. And now I'm an international best selling author.

It blows my mind, like, what happened?

So why did you start your business? Tell me more about the Sparkle Kingdom Agency. The kingdom sparkle. Tell me about it. Okay.

Again, another goddess. I'm part of another community called the Momlink. And I was in there, and I've been on my entrepreneur journey for a while. I've done network marketing. Like, network marketing is amazing.

That's kind of how I fell into self development, how you find the importance of self love is so important and it's not selfish. And so I love network marketing because it gives women, people an opportunity to get into entrepreneurship without having to invest as much, right? So when I was still struggling, I did all the things and learning all the stuff. I'm one of those people that continue to learn and get from the experts. Join this Master class, join that Mastermind and join this group.

And I was part of the mom link, and I was doing stuff for my chapter president, Christina Howard. And she was like, how much should I pay you? And it was like digital, virtual stuff and, like, landing pages, funnels and flyers and different things for the events that we were doing. And I was like, oh, I just do this because this is what you're supposed to do. This is what they tell you as a business owner to do.

She's like, Why aren't you doing this as a business? And it kind of all kind of evolved from there because I used the platform myself. And then God like, you need to this is your gift. Everyone's born with all these different gifts, right? He's like, this is your gift that you can start helping small business owners simplify and streamline our systems.

Because I know as a business owner, I got so confused on going here and learning click funnels and going there and learning Kajabi and learning how to do whatever and email campaigns and MailChimp and Google forms. And then now I have to copy paste to ready email campaign. And where did they communicate with me? Did they send me a message in a text or did they send me a message over here? And I was just so overwhelmed.

A confused mind says no, right? And so when I saw that this was a need out there and this is what my zone of genius was, because it came so simple for me. And I found a platform that was able to do it. I white labeled the Kingdom Sparkle Agency and that was born and the name was All God. It was really interesting because my business coach was like, you should Google Kingdom Sparkle and see if anybody is out there.

Because I got the, like all the domains, whatever, but was already owned. So I Googled it and I actually found this other lady who was in Texas, dallas, Texas. Her name is Angeline Moore. Look at all these God instances. All right.

What? Angeline Moore? And she had, but it was a twelve week devotional about birthstones. She recreates gemstones and stuff because that's how her Kingdom Sparkle is. But it was a devotional and I was like, oh my gosh, what are the odds of God giving Kingdom Sparkle into the heart of more faith based women to get it out there?

And I was looking for a devotional too, and I was just like, wow. And I bought her book, I emailed her, chatting back and forth and we're in communication because I thought it was so amazing. And I'm Angeline Moore. She's Angeline Moore. My husband is where I got the Moore from and he's actually from Texas.

So like all these oh my gosh, it's like crazy. It was so crazy, the alignment of it all. And so I'm just excited. And then this past week or two weeks when I went to Dallas in April, the airbnb we went and we all wore sparkle jackets and it was just kind of like something fun to do. And the people there like, oh, look at the Sparkle Sisters.

So it kind of like organically created this eight group women called the Kingdom Sparkle Sisters. And I always said, I was like, oh, this is a great devotional. I wish I had a group of women to do this devotional with me. And now we're going to do it together. Look at God. Look at God, right? Like he's going to show out and show up and boom. It's just been pretty amazing. I am in awe of his goodness. He's so good.

What's one thing you've learned on your journey that makes you unstoppable? That I am his. Amen we always forget that. We always forget that sometimes. Like who are you?

But yes, that's important. It's important to know who you are. Right? I am is the two most powerful words in the English dictionary. And anything that you say after that will either make or break you.

But we need to always remember whose we are. And knowing that I am the daughter of a king, that I am a queen in that ascent and I'm born into royalty, makes me unstoppable. Like all things are possible to Christ who strengthens me. I'm like pumped up right now. Yes, everything you're saying, I'm just like, yes, the coincidences, I use that in air quotes.

But the God instances that are happening in your life through all of these things, there's no other answer. It is God. It is 100% God. I am obsessed. It took me a long time to get there though, Jeanette.

It's hard concept sometimes to give, but then when you do that's when abundance happens, he talks about it so many times in the Bible. There's so many verses about how he wants us to be joyful and abundant and grow. Sometimes I talk to these new age spiritual people and they're talking about abundance and manifestation and all these things and I'm like, that's great. Comma. However, my God is the God who manifests everything, okay?

And his abundance is the one that I want, okay? Because it's going to overflow because he said it in the Bible and it's true. Not because I use some rocks or some weird incantation. That's not it. Yeah, well, the world always tries to twist as I start diving more into the Word.

Because I've always read the Word, but I've never dived into the word, right? Yeah, but as you start diving into the Word, what's interesting and when you start getting a closer relationship with God, your Father, he unlocks the knowledge that's actually in there. And then you start realizing these common things that are worldly said it's all biblical, which is awesome because when you start talking about it, people start hearing it and then they don't realize it's God. And when you tie it back, I'm like, oh wow. And then it brings them back to his kingdom.

Right? So I'm okay with them saying all that because then I just tie it back. I'm like that's amazing because that's all biblical. Did you know that? Let me tell you, I'm not well versed around verses.

That's what I love about it. I'm like you. I don't know all the verses, but I know God's heart, okay? I know that and I see the love and I know it's in there because I read it somewhere. It's in the beginning or it's in the end.

It's in the Gospels. Okay, that's as good as it gets for me. I will do that for you and find and throw you in Chat GPT and they'll give you some Bible. 5 seconds about chat GPT. I'm obsessed.

Me too.

I call him my boyfriend Chat. I didn't know how to use it. And then I was like, this is great or whatever, but it's not giving me what I actually want. And then I had it analyzing stuff that I was saying and then saying, hey, take this as an example and make something else like this. And I was like, Yo, this is it.

Makes your life so much easier. AI. Some people get super scared about it, but it's all about the tools. Everything is a tool. Just like people get so scared about Moore.

I'm like, Moore is just a tool that God's given us to do better for it. It's abundant out there and it's all about how you use it and apply it and give it the glory to God. That's all it is. 100% exactly. It is just a tool.

It is how you use it. You can use a knife to cut your bread or cut somebody's face off. Like.

Wield that tool in your tongue. Like, the tongue is a powerful tool. It's a double edged sword. Amen. What do they say?

It's a life or death. Yeah.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why? I love this question. Romans 828. It is my absolutely favorite verse in the Bible. What's funny is my mom, we were going through the different verses and she said that she's like, oh, Romans 828.

I was like, oh, that's mine too. And she goes, you know that's us, right? I'm like, what do you mean, mom? She's like, well, my birthday is on September 8 and your birthday is January 28, so 828 like, she always ties everything together and I just love it so much. So Romans 828, I was just trying to pull it up here. It says, So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together for good. For we are his lovers who have been called to him to fulfill his design purpose. And honestly, it was something that needed to resonate in me as I was going through my and I bring this up in the book and my chapter in there about everything's, for the Good, there's a song that helped me pull through the darkest moment that I shared in my book. I can't remember it's called for the Good. Who wrote it?

I'm just going to look it up now. But it's my favorite song because it highlights this verse. Because in everything, regardless of the good and bad in life, it is for the good. Like he has a plan and it's just been something that's hit home for me. And so that's my favorite verse.

Riley Clemens is the one who has the song.

So good. I am obsessed. Obsessed. When I met you, I was just like a random thing that we happen to connect out of the what do you think is how many people you think are on there like 100 people are on there. There was so many people in Brooks Ignite, which is really cool how it's grown so much. There was so many people.

And when you unmuted and started sharing with Brooke, I'm like, who is this Jeanette? She's amazing. Like, I just started gravitating towards you. And this is how I love how God works, because he does. He gravitates and pulls these people in your life when you ask for it, because I asked him

Like, when Brooke shared, pray the prayer of Jabez and expand my territory and protect me. Right? It does. And it brings you the right people. And when you start vibrating higher, that's when you start attracting that higher vibration from others as well.

So it's another god instance. We were connected. Jeanette. Yes.

Okay, so you've got a book, you've got your summit, you've got your business. What else do you have? What else do I have?

I have three kids. They're my heart and joy. They're my Sunshine, 613 and 15. So this year, my 13 year old will be 14 and my 15 year old will be 16. He'll be driving kind of crazy.

I am a wife to one. We met during our high school tenure reunion. Just another kind of crazy story. Not total God instance there, because I was not looking for anything. I've been previously married before, my husband now, and I was divorced.

I was a single mom with kids, two kids under five, and I was just not in a headspace to be like, no. And God's like, well, guess what? I'm going to reshow you. Love. Because I gave up on love.

I was like, it's tainted it's, whatever. Because I stayed in that marriage because I had my Christian values of faith. And you just don't get divorced. Right? It was hard for me to finally walk away from that and accept that it was what was needed.

And I still struggle with it sometimes, but in all for the good. Here I am, remarried. I've been with him almost ten years now, and we've been married for almost four. And we have a child together. We're a blended family.

He loves my two older kids like his own. It's been so fun. I'm also a laughter yoga leader, so I do laughter yoga, and that's super fun. I found that during the pandemic because I feel like laughter is one of the best medicines, and it's a universal language. Anywhere you go, whether you're in Paris, you're in Dubai, Japan, wherever you're at, when you hear someone laughing, you know what they're doing.

And then you're like, what is that? I want to laugh.

th Champions is on there from:

minutes segment Mondays at:

So it's really fun. I do have an event that we're doing, me and my Sparkle Sisters. We have a couple of people that were host at Amberly Lago, if you've ever heard of her, and Adam Smith, Trevor Houston and Glenn Rudin said yes to speak at this virtual summit that I'm pulling together with my Sparkle Sisters. It's sore and Sparkle, transform your Business Summit. So we're going to deep dive into what more you can do to kind of elevate and amplify your business as entrepreneur.

You can go and register at Transformyourbusiness So it's going to be exciting. I love doing virtual summits and I'm excited for the people. We're still trying to ask a couple people to see if they would say yes, but I'm excited. My mentor, Megan Do Martina, is going to be there.

She's an amazing woman who has started, scaled and sold two seven figure businesses in her life. And there's only like a small, small percentage of women that's ever done that. And she's faith based and she's also in Texas. So it's just like all these God instances. You might be moving to Texas.

That's what I'm hearing.

And you know when they say everything's bigger in Texas, I never believed I'm like Texans, whatever. When I actually went there with my husband, with his family, we took a summer trip over. I was like, oh my gosh, everything. Is bigger in Texas. I lived there for two years.

I got a cinnamon roll the size of my head. Yes, everything. It was insane. I was like, they weren't joking. It's not just to be pompous.

It was the truth. This is why people love Texas and they love Florida. So right now we're in Florida and yeah, we're good. I'm telling you, God's going to move you. You got too many connections in Texas not to be moving there. We'll have our vacation home in there. It'll be great.

Okay, Angeline, so where can people find you? So they can find me on That's really where my space is. I'm also on Facebook at the Angelinemore. I've been trying to get into my YouTube and LinkedIn.

I'm on there as well. You can find Kingdom Sparkle in those spaces as well. Have you heard. Of Clapper. That's like the newest thing.

No, I kind of a little bit. So Clapper is the newest trend because they say that TikTok is not always going to be here with all the noise around TikTok. I've only did one post in Clapper, and I have to try to learn more about it. But it's if Clubhouse, which is an audio space or like Twitter spaces when they do the audio rooms. If it's one of Clubhouse Instagram and Facebook lives and YouTube and all that, had a baby and then Clapper was born. Interesting.

I know. Download it. Let's get on there. Let's learn it. It supposedly gives you more exposure, and it's like the biggest trend.

So we will see. I'm excited. We will see how it goes. I am so glad to have you on the podcast. This is her first podcast.

She's never been on one before. You are with me. This is great. It is great. I'm so happy.

I am humbled and honored to be your guest and be and your podcast be the very first for me to speak on. So it's been such a great honor and to know you. You're just amazing, you guys. So are you. That's always like, you have to be on. You have to be up.

All right, thanks. Have a great day. Bye. Wow. That was so good.

So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that. So share this episode, leave a review. And I would love if you could watch my free, Missingpeace. I'll see you guys over on the Grams at Jeanette Peterson. Bye.

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