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How to Write a Compelling Mission Statement

Having a declaration of purpose that outlines why you do what you do and what you want to be remembered for is one of the most powerful ways to solidify your brand. Your mission reflects your long-term goal and sets you apart from the rest of the brands, have you curated yours? Tune in to learn how to create your mission statement, with real-life examples.

As a solopreneur or small business, most probably you are a personal brand, so your mission serves not only as a declaration of purpose and why your business exists, but it also offers an overview of who you are and who you serve, starting by God. Picture it as a flag or a rally flag that everyone can spot and recognize.

"Your mission statement should help you become the biggest, boldest, loudest, quietest, meekest, boldest, or whatever version of you that God made you to be."

In this episode: 

  • What is a mission statement 
  • What should your mission statement include
  • Why do you need a mission statement
  • Examples of staple brands mission statements
  • Your mission statement should help you become the biggest, boldest, loudest, quietest, meekest, boldest, or whatever version of you that God made you to be.

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Your mission is just an umbrella of everything you want to do in your life and in your business. Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business that's aligned with God's will? Hey, girl, hey, I'm Jeanette. Business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said, See you later. And I had to find my true calling. Want to know how God directed my life from a cyber security engineer to a faith and business mentor? In this podcast, I'll teach you how to start a business. How to know your business is God's calling, monetization techniques, how to trust the Holy Spirit, and how to set boundaries. So listen to His word alone, ready to become unapologetically unstoppable.

Hey, girl, hey. So one thing that I like to talk about is, especially after being in the military, and having a mission is your mission statement. I feel like when we are a small business, and we want to do so many things, and we're so multifaceted, a mission statement allows us that space to do exactly what we want to do. So I want you to think about what your mission statement is. Now, even if you have a mission statement, it's time to revisit that because I want to make sure that everything that you're offering, goes and align with that mission.

So your mission statement is basically this, why you exist as an organization, and what you want to be remembered for. It's like a declaration of purpose. Now I'm gonna give you an example from I don't know if you've heard of this brand before, but Disney, I'm sure you've heard of it.

l that you could rally behind:

It's a flag, it's a rally flag. It is this is what we're doing. Come be part of this. Right.

So for me, my mission statement is kind of what the podcast is centered around. But let me read you my exact mission statement. Because I mean, I think that it's powerful.

My mission statement is, I help people become unapologetic about their calling, and transform into the unstoppable force they were destined to be. Now that is very broad, right? When you think about becoming unapologetic about their calling, and what I do in my business, is Christian life coaching, I do business coaching, I do marketing, and that is part of their unstoppable force they were destined to be, I want you to help them become whatever that is expecially if you're a business owner, I am obsessed with that I want you to become a huge business owner, for God, and to get paid well, there's nothing wrong with being paid well as a Christian entrepreneur. And sometimes I think that we forget that because we feel like there's certain things that the Bible says that we can't be doing this, we can't be doing that, et cetera, et cetera. And that's not what God means all the time. So I want to make sure that everybody is on their calling. That is the most important part. That's why it's first I help people become unapologetic about their calling. So whatever that is, so if God tells you that you're supposed to be the number one McDonald's worker girl, I will Christian life coach you to be that person. So you can evangelize out the window.

I'm slinging burgers, sling and Jesus, you know what I'm saying? That's what I want you to do. Whatever that calling is, but only you can know that I can help you find out what that is by prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit and figuring out whatever God is telling you to do, and turning down the sounds from a man saying, you should want a car, you should want a house, you should want this. You can't live in an apartment, blah, blah, blah. No, God doesn't say any of that. None of that is in the Bible.

So whatever that is, I want you to help be that 100% That's it, I want you to be whatever God made you to be 100% and then unstoppable force you were destined to be because I believe that when God gave us a calling, we're supposed to be the hands and feet of Christ, which also means the flipping tables version of Jesus, right? Also that the man who said no last, I will see you in a few days, because I'm doing something right now version of Jesus.

Obviously, he still raised Him from the dead. But those versions can live in unison, because they did in Jesus. So why can't they live in unison and us. So I want you to become that unstoppable force, whatever Jesus has made you to be the biggest, boldest, loudest, quietest, meekest, boldest, whatever that version of you is that God made you to be, I want you to be that. That's it.

I want everybody that I come in contact with to be that. So I don't know if that's ever going to end. But I'm going to keep trying. We're going to just keep trying. So what is your mission? What do you do? How do you help people and whatever your offerings are, whatever your business is, it all flows underneath that. So no matter what I do in my life, like if I'm going to create a book, if I'm going to create a another coaching program, or if I'm going to be a kids soccer coach, whatever that is, I want it to fall underneath this mission of my life.

unapologetic about their calling. So if I see these little kids, and they're super unapologetic about their calling, I want them to go for the goal, whatever that is, you know what I'm saying? So whatever your mission is, and he's to live on forever, and theoretically be whatever umbrella, it's your umbrella. It's whatever you do. And to be honest with you, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna coach no kids soccer because I don't really like it that much. So that won't be underneath my umbrella. Because that's not me. God didn't make me to be no kids soccer coach. He didn't even me to be slinger of the word, a slayer of the devil, a piece of like, I don't know, I just am right. So I'm going to do that I'm going to do whatever God is telling me to do. And sometimes that means not listening to what man says. And that's fine for me.

So, I want you to think about what your mission is and write out your mission statement and post it everywhere. Make it the background of your computer, the background of your phone, because I want you to remember constantly, what you're going for why you exist as a human being why God put you on this earth. Why do you exist? What do you want to be remembered for? And a declaration of purpose? Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know, somebody that also needs to hear that. So share this episode. leave a review. And I would love if you could watch my free workshop at Genet peterson.com/missing piece. I'll see you guys over on the Grahams at Jeannette dot Peterson bye

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