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Episode 96

#96: I Love Contracts, and Here’s Why You Should too

It’s summer, the perfect time to let loose and have fun in your own way! Join us in another interesting episode, where Jeanette talks about her love for contracts and how using them has done wonders for her business… And when done right, it can do wonders for yours too. Let’s discuss some of the terms, policies, and procedures essential to your contracts. 

Jeanette also talks about the importance of reviewing and revising your contracts as a business owner. A solid agreement should safeguard the interests of all parties. Every agreement should feel fair and reasonable to you, depending on where you are now in your business. Don’t mind what other people think; it’s impossible to please them all. Ultimately, you must focus on what feels right for you and your business.

It is time to get a contract if you are still working without one. Tune in for some tips to get started. 

“I love contracts, I enjoy a contract. In fact, I don’t like working without one.”

“Contracts are not a one-way street, and if they are, they’re not good contracts.”

“You are free as the owner of your business to change whenever you want to.”

“It is impossible for you to please everybody you come across. You just won’t.”

In this episode:

  • The benefits of using contracts in business
  • The role that contracts play in protecting both you and your clients
  • Understanding the significance of regularly reviewing and updating your contracts as your business grows
  • Ensuring that you are confident and comfortable with the terms of your contracts 

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Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business that's aligned with God's will? Hey, girl, hey, I'm Jeanette. Business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said, See you later. And I had to find my true calling. Want to know how God directed my life from a cyber security engineer to a faith of business mentor? In this podcast, I'll teach you how to start a business. How to know your business is God's calling, monetization techniques, how to trust the Holy Spirit and how to set boundaries. So listen to His word alone, ready to become unapologetically unstoppable.

Hey, girl, hey, I am so excited to be with you. Because it's summer. And I love summer. Summer is my jam. I love being out by the pool. I love hanging out with my family for Father's Day. Last week, we bought my husband some water balloons. And I haven't been able to throw money at him really. So I'm excited for that I really am. And it's like, throwing water balloons at my husband is not something that I typically do. It's not something that is part of my like, my zone of genius. It's not my like fun thing. I am by nature, not a fun, I use air quotes, typically fun type of person. Like I don't want to play games, unless they're board games. I don't want to prank people. I don't want to do anything like that, that might throw me out of my comfort zone, which is very much structure. That's fun. Structure is fun. To me. I like doing where everything is, when everything is how everything is. So summer allows me to be that same person but a little more free. Like, I might get off a little bit early, we might go to the pool. But don't splash me. Okay, we might I don't know, go for a long walk. But we're not going to mow the day. Because that's just not how I ever okay, we're not doing that. We might go fishing. But don't get too close to me while I'm fishing because I am an angler, okay, which means I'm here to get the fish. And that's it. I'm now here to play games. Don't talk to me. In fact, you're going to give the fish away. Okay, that is me. I am the I have fun. But it has to be very strategic. Like it has to be very, very tailored to how I love and that's why are you ready for this? I love contracts, I enjoy a contract. I'm fact, I don't like working without one. Because it tells me exactly where I'm supposed to do. It tells me exactly what your responsibilities are also, and how we're going to do this together in the time limit that this is a thing. We don't work together forever. And I don't get offended when you're like, alright, it's the end of the contract. I'm not renewing. See you later. Cool. See you later. It is what it is. It's a contract for a period of time. And I love just having that like, this is what you do. This is what I do. This is what we will do together. And then I'll see you later. So in my in my business, I've got a couple of programs, right. I've got surrender, which is a group coaching program. Nope, it's not that why did I say that? God is that you know, it's not a group coaching program. It is a do it yourself? Course. Okay, it's a DIY course not it's not. I mean, I've already done it, you just have to watch it. It's on demand. Okay, so it's a course. And in that course, I have a contract for that course. It tells you what you'll get from me what you can expect from the course. And like, Dude, are you offering bonuses? am I offering this offering that? Do you have refunds, it has everything all that laid out in the contract and the terms of service. So you know that when you sign up for this course, that's what you get. That's it. That's all you get. The same thing with my one on one clients, we go through, this is what this is what you're getting, I will do this for you, I will not do this for you. This is when you can contact me, this is when I will contact you. This is what happens if you're late for meetings. This is what happens if you don't show up. This is what happens when we're just not getting along. The vibe is off, right? It's it goes through all of that. It goes through an NDA, I'm going to give you proprietary information may be and you are a business owner. So you're gonna be telling me proprietary business information. I've got a thing in there that I'm signing to protect me and to protect you. Contracts are not a one way street. And if they are they're not good contracts, because this is a team effort. So we both need to be safe in this relationship. And that's why I like contracts. They're fun. Right now it's summer, right? Going back to that summer. And because it's summer, and it's in the sixth month. I like to review Mike on tracks. So going forward, I want to be like, Okay, I no longer want to offer this type of service with my one on one clients, I no longer want to offer this with my group coaching or with my course, just it is what it is. Because sometimes when we're offering something, it no longer suits the values and the systems and where we want to go and our business. Because I'm growing as a company, I don't want to be the person that's like, okay, I can offer you 24 hours of VIP time plus this plus this plus this, as I grow, my time does not grow. So I have to change those things. And also, it also dictates the price in there. So you know what you're getting for the price. And I know what I'm giving for the price. And it's agreed upon. That's why I love contract show. I'm going through all my contracts right now. I'm going through all of them. Do I want to do this still? Yes. Do I want to do that? So no, I don't take that out. We're gonna take this out for the future. I will honor all the contracts I have now. But during renewal, I will be changing those contracts. Yep. Because I don't want to do that anymore. And you are free as the owner of your business to change whenever you want to, for me, is in the summer. I'm feeling a little frisky. I might go to the pool today. I might change a contract today. I don't know. But you know what? I do? It fits me. Because I'm not worried about everybody else. I'm not worried about what they think. Because if I was worried about what they think I would be spinning my wheels, I would be spinning my wheels. Because I'd want to make sure that I am pleasing everybody that comes across my anything which you will not do. You will not do it is impossible for you to please everybody you come across. You just want Jesus Hello. People killed him. And he's literally the nicest, coolest dude on the planet. So I don't want to get into too deep on God here. But you got to have a contract. And if you need a contract template Holla at your girl, I got you, I got you. And if not, by my friends bundles. She has a bundle for coaches that says exactly what you need to do for all of the things. It's called Coach legaly.com. Her name is Christy. She's amazing. I worked with her for a year during some other things. And she's amazing. Go get her contracts. She has bundles for coaches, she has bundles for service providers. If you work on line, she's got a bundle for you. So that way you can have your your contracts in line and not have to worry about anybody that you come in contact with. You won't get sued because people will have to sue on the internet, apparently, I don't know. But they like to or ask for refunds. And you can be like, Look, I don't have a refund policy. There's the refund policy I do I have a refund policy, the refund policy is there on a refund. I don't have a refund. Because you have to come and do the work and show up. I cannot guarantee anything because the only thing guaranteed in life is death. So yeah, no refunds and being okay with what you're saying in your contracts. Okay. It is what it is. It just is what it is. So I'd like to end this with a prayer for you. Dear Jesus, thank you so much for the person who sent His podcast, I know that that person is going to have a killer contract and next time they give it out. Lord, I just ask that you put in their heart to check all their contracts and to double check and to ask somebody to look over their contracts because you never know what they might be missing or what I asked them when they put out a contract that it gets signed and they get some money and everything is good. And I am asking You to bless their business with abundance. Just like Jay bez and Jesus name I pray. Amen. Bye, girl. Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that. So share this episode, leave a review. And I would love if you could watch my free workshop at Jeanette peterson.com/missing piece. I'll see you guys over on the Grahams at Jeannette dot Peterson bye

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