Episode 95

#95: The Fullness of your Design

In this faith-filled episode, Jeanette goes deep into the concept of being full and what it means for you as you walk your path in christ. Discover the importance of stepping into your purpose and the joy of being unapologetically you. Get ready to stand on the edge of your fullness and unleash your divine potential. Tune in!

Are you familiar with that feeling of being so full after a Thanksgiving feast? Today, we take a closer look at the sensation of fullness and apply it to our lives beyond food. What if you could be constantly filled with who you were created to be? Imagine being so abundantly full of purpose and identity that nothing can shake you. 

Get ready to step into that fullness. Move beyond the temporary satisfaction of indulging in food and embrace the concept of being full in your purpose and identity and experience the unstoppable confidence that comes with embracing your identity in Christ and your divine purpose. 

"When I'm full strung up on the Holy Spirit, you can't tell me nothing."

"We have a divine purpose. We have something that we're supposed to be so filled up with."

"Be the unapologetically you, not the mean girl version. The one that God made you to be."

"We're all created for his glory, for his world, and we have to be 100% full for him."

"Embody the fullness of who you are and be unstoppable in it."

In this episode:

  • What it means to stand on the edge of your fullness
  • Realizing you were created for a unique purpose.
  • The importance of showing up and embody the fullness of who you were created to be
  • Be unapologetically unstoppable

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Be the fullest version of you, be the unapologetically you. Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business as a with God's will? Hey, girl. Hey, I'm do that business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said SEAL, a and I had to find my true calling.

Want to know how God directed my life? From a cybersecurity engineer to a faith of business mentor? In this podcast, I'll teach you how to start a business. How to know your business is God's calling monetization techniques, how to trust the Holy Spirit, and how does set boundaries to listen to his word alone. Ready to become unapologetically unstoppable.

Hey, girl. Hey. Happy Friday. So I was thinking about this episode, and I'm on Fridays. I do something faith filled. And today I want to talk about being full in general. Just being full. And so when I think of being full, obviously, the first thing I think of is like Thanksgiving. I used to love Thanksgiving. I used to love Thanksgiving piece of turkey.

We would do turkey and ham, yams and sweet potatoes and green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and mccann gravy with the giblets, stuffing and dressing, creamed corn and corn on the cob. It would just be like, full out feast. And I remember, like, I remember going to my aunt's house, and I was just like, you. We'd get some the way, a couple hours to eat some more, and then just, like, be gluttonous, really just full on, overstuffed.

It sounds disgusting, honestly, but being so full of all the food and just be happy about it, You know what I mean? As a kid, I would just be happy about being full. Then ten months later, being like, I'm hungry or I'm going to take a nap, get the green beans. I got the mac and cheese, I got the stuffing in them, mashed potatoes in the gravy I sat for.

I start getting hungry myself for like it's only one day. We're only full for that one period of time. And then we don't ever eat that much again until the next year. Really? Like, we might have a meal for Christmas, we might eat some leftovers, but we're never that full again. Not till the next year. And it's almost like, you know, when you're like at that point on Thanksgiving and it's like the unbutton your pants moment, we're just like, oh, or it's like, dig it into your skin because your pants are so tight.

Don't look like you've never been there. I don't want to I don't want to hear it. Okay? I've been there and so have you. Let's be real. But like that, that feeling of being so full and it's kind of uncomfortable, it doesn't feel great. You're like, I should have done that. Oh, it's too much like.

But then it goes down and you feel fine, and you just go back to your normal life. But what if we were constantly in that that period that I'm. I'm so full that that so full feeling I'm not talking about from like a lack of a body standpoint. I'm talking about like a what if I was so full of who I was created to be?

What if I was so almost uncomfortably full of who I am sometimes I think the were in that I'll just I'll just lay back and be okay with who I am right now and not actually think about who we are designed to be. What I bring to the table, why I'm here on this earth, what my purpose is, what my kingdom purposes, who I'm here to serve the Lord and what it means to be 100% stepped into that fullness.

Now, go back to that Thanksgiving belly. It's going to be uncomfortable. Not always going to feel great, but when you're full and you're standing on the edge of your fullness and your bigness of who you are when you have no other room, nothing else can get in there, right? When you're full and you want that last piece of apple pie, you might not even be able to take a bite.

So when you're standing 100% full in, you're exactly who you are. Nice. You're unapologetically unstoppable. Ms.. You know what happens? The devil can't get in there when you meet down yourself to some place that you are not supposed to be, you small yourself in the name of, I don't know. And the name of people pleasing or the name of making sure that people are comfortable.

That's when the devil gets in your head and says, Oh, you're not good enough for that anyways. Oh, you shouldn't be doing that thing anyways. You should not make that membership. You should not stand on that stage. They will never call you when you ask them to be on their stage because you kind of suck. So don't even submit your application.

Don't even try. Don't even try unless we're so full that we can't get anything else in there. Because when I'm full strung up on the Holy Spirit, you can't tell me nothing. You can't. You straight up cannot tell me nothing. I feel vindicated. I feel I'm like flipping tables. Jesus. Okay, I love that version of me. And I'm not saying I want to flip some tables, which would be kind of cool, but I'm saying I am so convicted that what I'm doing for God is 100% right.

It's so right and is so who me to be the Nobody can take this joy away from me. Nobody can take these fruits of my spirit away from me. I have peace and joy and contentment and love. And I am full up on Jesus. So we going to stand in that that edge of the fullness. We're going to stand in that.

Well, we've got to keep reminding ourselves, because 15 minutes after we eat, 20 minutes after we eat, we can get more of that pie in there. But we get to stand in that edge of the the button is poking our belly. We got a little indentation on our bellybutton because of that button on the back of our pants.

We're going to unzip a little bit, get a hair tie in there. Don't act like you never tried that before. Pregnant ladies. You feel me? You feel me. Because we have a divine purpose. We have something that we're supposed to be so filled up with. That Holy Spirit is inside of us and it's just asking us to show up and show out.

So that's what we need to do, ladies. We need to show up and show out in that fullness of who we were created for, what we were created for. If you're created to be a a writer, right, girl, you better keep on writing. You better use that pen as a sword. You better yield it. If you were created to organize, you are a hand input of somebody who needs you to organize for them in their business.

Or if you're a money person girl, get them numbers. I don't care what it is that you were created for, because we're all hands and feet. We're all something different. We're all created for his glory, for his world and we have to be 100% full for him. Because I could need you. What if I need you to be the fullness of you so I can hire you in my business?

But I don't even know who you are because you're too scared. You don't think you're good enough? What if I'm waiting on you? What if you're the answer to my prayers? So I need us all to seriously rise up and be the fullest version of who we are Because of who we were made in the image of. We have resurrection power in our blood.

Don't make me sound crazy. I'll. We can lift Lazarus with the blood, the lives inside of us, if we believe. And if we try, we can do it. So saying I'm edge of your fullness, be the fullest version of you. Be the unapologetically you, not the mean girl version. The one that God made you to be, the one that's convicting others to do that, to live by the Bible, to bring the kingdom down on Earth.

Who's a prayer warrior, be unapologetically that person and be unstoppable in it. Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that. So share this episode. Leave a review. And I would love if you could watch my free workshop at Jeanette Peterson dot com slash missing piece. I'll see you guys over on the grams at Jeanette Peterson bye.

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