Episode 90

#90: Stop Confusing People. Be One thing

In this episode, Jeanette shares the importance of consistency and authenticity in building a personal brand and business. If you are being multifaceted you can confuse your audience. Learn the importance of showing up consistently as one thing online, allowing people to recognize and connect with you and your brand. Tune in!

Consistency builds a recognizable presence by helping people connect and it prevents confusion. However, it is not only through consistency that you build trust and genuine relationships, for that you need authenticity too. Jeanette's advice? Deepen your relationship with God and discover your true calling to stay true to yourself in business and personal life, that will make it easier to stay consistent and within one niche.   

Join Jeanette and take the challenge to show up consistently for at least six weeks in your business or personal brand. Commit to being rooted in your purpose and sharing it with the world, and see what happens!

In this episode:

  • Why consistency matters and what it does to your brand
  • The importance of authenticity
  • Find your purpose and show up as the person God made you to be

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Hey, girl, hey, it is summer and I am so excited because I really love summer. I love being outside. I love playing. I feel like my child gets buzz too. You know what I mean? Like, it's summer and she's like, coming outside, I wouldn't go here, I want to go here. I want to be out of the house. And I love that about her because I think she gets it for me. I hate sitting inside. I hate being behind the screen all day, during the summer. But you know what, I remember that when it comes to Christmas. on her list, her birthday is coming up soon, right? So she's got a list of all these things that she wants. And I remember back to Christmas when she had all of these things that she wanted all of these things. And I was like, Okay, well, st is not going to get you everything. Because he's not going to get you everything. So how am I supposed to know what you actually want? And I twist that question around to you. And I say, how do people know what you're doing in your business? If you're not constantly doing the same thing over and over and over, you have to I know that sounds boring. And I know that we're multifaceted people. But we are here on earth for one specific purpose, right. And I know we like to do all these different things. But we're also here to show on social media, that our business is one fold. Because it confuses people when we're multiple things. And I am preaching to the choir myself right now. Because if you look on mine, it's like, what is she doing? Is she speaking is she pageant girl? What is she doing? Girl? I'm living life right now. And I know one thing that I'm supposed to be doing, which is talking into this microphone to you right now. And I reminding myself and you that we are only one thing on the internet, we can only show up consistently as one thing on the internet for people to find us. If we're switching lanes too fast. What are you doing? It's too much. It's it's confusing me. People need study, especially in a season where everything in life seems unsteady. is the market going up and down? Is the housing market gonna crash? Can I send my kids to school anymore, when everything is so unsteady, they are clinging to steadfastness. So when you are out there on the internet, being you be one, your authentic self always, always, always show up as you consistently and to only pitch one thing, only pitch one type of thing. I am the queen of self discovery. You won't know who you are you into who God says you are. Come to me. I can also help you with your business because that's part of it. But I'm not pitching you business stuff. I'm pitching you, God. I'm not pitching you, God. You know, I mean, I'm not selling God to you. I'm selling the relationship that you can have that I have with God because it's amazing. And I want you to find out who you are who God says you are. So you can do the things you're supposed to do on this earth and feel lit up by the Spirit, by His joy, by kindness and gentleness, and self control and all the fruits of the Spirit. So today, wherever you are in your life, wherever you are in your business, keep showing up as that one thing, because when you do that people will start to recognize you, they will start to get this brand awareness around you. They will start to know Oh, that's Jeanette. She talks about this, oh, this other girl talks about this too. Oh, they should get together they should know these people because they're the same type of person. Which is great because collaboration over competition all day, right? Let's hook up girl, let's do this thing together. But if you want to find out who you are, and be okay with who you are, because God says you are okay as a person, not because Jeunesse is anything, then you need to start being consistent. And whatever your business is online, however, you're showing up, and I challenge you to do that for at least six weeks. Every day, six weeks, I'm gonna do that. I have ADHD and I got problems with consistency, but I'm gonna do it because that's what people need. People need to know that you are rooted in something and whatever that thing is. You need to be completely rooted in that. So show people who you are what you stand for all day every day.

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Jeanette Peterson is a powerhouse, United States Air Force Veteran, that has been successfully mentoring, empowering, and inspiring women. She helps them turn their businesses into their ministries.

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As a mentor and speaker, Jeanette knows that your divine purpose is unique and only for you. When you walk in purpose you will no longer feel shame or pain, but joy, peace, and love.

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