Episode 113

#113 Surrendering Makes You Unstoppable

This week we sit down with my friend, Samantha Seman, founder of The Abundant Woman Collective, a ministry for Christian Women who want to deepen their relationship with Jesus. We chat about our own faith walks and how we apply our testimonies to our ministry businesses.


Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us..”

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

“As a woman, there’s a whole range of what womanhood looks like.”

“Just as we are made in His multifaceted image, we are all called to do different things.”

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And one of the premises was that there's, now I don't remember the number I want to say 168 hours. Okay? Just pretend like that's right. In the week, and yet we spent two hours maybe four. If you go on Sunday and Wednesday, right, big deal. You spend four hours a week with God, quote, These are my air quotes at church. But really, what are you doing the other bajillion hours in the week? Are you living your own life doing your own things? Or is church simply a celebration of what God has done in your life the whole week, and you get to come together as a family to celebrate that, like, that sounds so much better than like, I have to go to church because it's the right thing to do. And I'm a good person like I used to deal with, versus Oh, I can't wait to be in the room with Sister friends who's going through her stuff like me, and we can be there for each other, or I can see a new character of God through the sermon or I can worship unashamed. And this way, right like that feels different than just going to church friends, because you're supposed to do it.

Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business that's aligned with God's will? Hey, girl, hey, I'm Jeanette. Business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said, See you later. And I had to find my true calling. Want to know how God directed my life from a cybersecurity engineer to a faith and business mentor? In this podcast, I'll teach you how to start a business. How to know your business is God's calling, monetization techniques, how to trust the Holy Spirit, and how to set boundaries to listen to His word alone, ready to become unapologetically unstoppable.

Hey, girl, hey, welcome to the unapologetically unstoppable podcast. Today I am so excited because you guys get to talk to my friend Sam and she's amazing. Sam Siemens is wife of Matt mama to four littles. Jesus loves her and has a slight obsession with really good coffee, kind of like my obsession with Red Bull. She is the founder of the abundant woman collective, a ministry for Christian women who want to deepen their relationship with Jesus. A low Sam, welcome. Thank you so much for being on the podcast.

Yay. Thanks for having me, friends.

So tell us a little bit more about you. Tell us about what you're doing in life. And then I'll ask you some questions.

Okay, cool. And then we're gonna talk about your Red Bull habit. But we'll keep that for the end. So yeah, the short version is I used to run a multiple six figure marketing agency. I also used to live in the Bay area of California. And then the Lord plucked me from California and moved me to Nashville, Tennessee, and then asked me to surrender my marketing agency to start this Jesus thing. This Jesus thing then became the abundant woman collective and I am so in love with what I get to do. It's seriously like the biggest joy and honor. But basically, yeah, we are a ministry that helps women deepen the relationship with Jesus. And we do that through the podcast and through ministry. And one day we'll do in person events and conferences and all the things but really, it's just, it's sharing the love of Jesus, from your big sister, best friend, Sam, who is gonna give it to you straight, just like geneticists were very, like, in that way. And so, um, so yeah, that's a little bit about me.

I met Sam, because they were just saying, like, I want to do some podcast swaps. And I met Sam and I was on her podcast and I was immediately obsessed. I was like, Yo, Sam is my people. Yes, she is my people so, yeah, like, I don't know, we just DM on Instagram, each other all the time just talking about like, things that we see or things happening because we're in the same like, we're peers we're like in the same stage of business. We both had very successful other businesses and now doing this God thing because God told us to and what that looks like, it's not always easy either. Because He says some crazy thing sometimes and I'm like, Are you serious? God, please, please, please don't tell me to do that. I mean, I'll do it because you told me but…

And it's lonely when you're in, I mean, I still get looks at her like you did what and why and how and why did you drop your income like all these you know, it's just it's a different lifestyle.

So tell me how you met Jesus. How are you just like, like, I know, like lots of people go to church growing up, but how are you just like, Okay, I'm actually going to walk with Jesus and not just go to church. Yeah. I am super blessed honestly, because I am a pastor's kid. I'm not a jaded pastor's kid. I love the church. I love the small church still though it people have hurt And they stink. But, um, so God honestly captured my heart at a really young age, I was always the weirder kid that just like to hang out with, like older people, or even adults. And so I always went to church, like I said, born and raised in church. And I always loved the Lord like that really never wavered. However, what I thought our relationship was and could be, has wavered during different seasons, when I was younger, and I do think it's from just religious expectations that, you know, we put on ourselves, so that, you know, but at some point, I always love the Lord. But I thought that if I was a good girl, if I behaved well, then it would make him more proud. And it would make him love me more. And so I became, I don't really know how it just happened with this, like works, sort of, based religion. And so the short version is I had that for much of my life love Jesus went to church, was like a great person.

But that works based religion when confronted with something bad, which was the loss of someone I loved dearly, and when I was confronted with that, I was pissed. Because, wait, I have done such a good job of being such a good kid God, like why would you take my grandpa we from me, like, it just didn't make sense. But because my, my foundational, or some of my foundational truths were based on false in life that my work equates his love. That's not how it works. When that bad thing happened to me, I was devastated. And so I spent like a year, my mom laughs at me because she's like “calm down sister friend you wild out for like three seconds,” but I did, I just did what I wanted for the next sort of year. I still love God, I still even showed up to church like a hypocrite, but I did whatever I wanted. The rest of the week, I was just annoyed with God. I was like, Well, if I don't have to be a good girl to earn his love, just let me be good. Yes, like, what's the point, right.

And so that lasted all of like, a year. And then ironically, I was brought back sort of face to face with Him. When I ended, we lost more people, we lost our family friends in a plane crash. And so they were the people who you did life with, like every holiday, all the things your kids were there for, you know, just all the things and so they were a young sweet couple. And so when that happened, it brought me right back to the reality of Jesus, and we captured my heart in a different way. He basically, well, I learned that, okay, wait, if I could be good for God, and I could be bad for God, like not, if bad stuff still happens. Like my mind had a new concept around that, then wait, I'm doing something wrong. And so He showed me what sanctification looks like, and that the heart posture behind sanctification looks different than doing it to get a reward. Right. And so he also showed me his kindness and mercy through that season, I met my husband, and that season, and that is a whole bunch of grace poured over that situation to so through that, I mean, not that I've been perfect and not that I have done. I don't know. He's just taking me through so many different turns that I'm not a perfect person. I'm not a good person. But it has deepened my relationship and work with Him in a way that I never expected. And so small little gaps of faith of like, Hey, Sam, can you quit your hospital job to work for a nonprofit and not make a lot of money? Yes, God, I'm so in love with me, you I will do whatever it takes. So those small acts of service, leaps of faith, led to a big one, like moving cross country where you didn't know anyone. And so, in that process, though, even still, the more I learned to surrender, my wants, my desires, my expectations of what my life should look like, the more I became in love with the Lord and hungry, like a different kind of love, like now I'm hungry for him. And I'm hungry for women to have a relationship that I have, and to get out of the bondage and the lies that held me back for so long. That was not a short version, I'm sorry


Think that when we get on fire for Jesus, we're just like, everybody needs this and it's not like a like when I first used to see Christians where I before I was like walking with Jesus, it'd be like those people on the Las Vegas strip with a sign just like I'd be like, they are so weird. Why are they like that? And I'm like, No, but you really need to know Jesus like I do because he's actually more amazing. When you actually really know Him and not just go to church to go to church. Don't do that because that's just BS. You go to church because you are so in love with Jesus and you love to worship Him. And not in like this weird culty way.

Yeah, I mean, yeah.

And we planted a church in California and one of the premises was that there's 100 ins. Now I don't remember the number I want to say 168 hours. Okay? Just pretend like that's right. In the week, and yet, we spent two hours, maybe four if you go on Sunday and Wednesday, right, big deal. You spend four hours a week with God, quote, These are my air quotes at church. But really, what are you doing the other bajillion hours in the week? Are you living your own life doing your own things is different? Or is church simply a celebration of what God has done in your life the whole week, and you get to come together as a family to celebrate that, like, that sounds so much better than like, I have to go to church because it's the right thing to do. And I'm a good person, like I used to deal with, versus Oh, I can't wait to be in the room with Sister friends who's going through her stuff like me, and we can be there for each other, or I can see a new character of God through the sermon or I can worship unashamed, and this way, right? Like that feels different than just go to church friends, because you're supposed to do it. Especially with me too.

Like, I'm apologetic in that and being like, I'm just gonna worship because I love it. I mean, you are a pastor's kid. So, yes. But to be fair, normal pastor's kids turn out this way. So that's actually, yeah, not really my favorite. But when I say that, the Lord captured my heart as a young kid, he captured it in a way that gave me confidence that I knew he loves me. I was a chubby kid, I didn't care. I was still a cheerleader. I, like, I didn't fit in, in all the ways I didn't care because I have this God confidence that I just knew, because I knew him. And him inside of me. Like that part never really faltered until actually COVID and COVID. i Yes. And the middle of COVID. I felt like I had a muzzle on and I felt like, Man, I don't want to get canceled. I still have my business that pays the bills. Like we can't be doing crazy things and talking about Jesus too loud. Like, I can't have stances about anything. You know what I mean? The world made me feel like my opinion didn't matter. I didn't want to get canceled, I was afraid of repercussions. And I was too loud or too something.

God. And so in the middle of:

Okay, so I know when you raise kids like that, though, sometimes they come back at you and I'm like, oh, all the time. Girl. I'm gonna hit you. I remind myself like, okay, she's gonna leave the country. She's gonna lead a business. Don't break her spirit, but also, right. I'm like, I need to walk away from you right now. Girl, I love you. But test them on nerves. I want you to question me, to question everybody else's authority. But this is not the one, this is not the hill to die on right here. No. Maturity, you'll learn that this is not the hill to die. I would just like us. I feel like there's lots of things. I have an opinion about that. I'm like, Nope, that's not the hill to die on.

Especially with my ministry. That's not what we're talking about. Let's talk about Jesus. Yeah. And the second and third tier theology stuff. I don't care. Like, are you saying? No. Do you live like it? That's what I care about.

Yes. Yes. Do you show his love? Yes.

Yes. Are you the hands of Jesus? Yes.

Or are you like I wasn't a hypocrite on Sunday and then do in your life?

And you know? I don't like my stance even for people like that, it used to be like, come on! You're such a hypocrite. You're like, therapeutic, that's not the right word. Like I was like a Pharisee. Like, oh my gosh, right. And now it's not that I have no condemnation or judgment in my voice. It's more so like, Oh, sister friend, I get it like I was there. Let me come to the other side, it is so much better, like, I just have more compassion for those situations than I did before I walked through them, right. Like that's the purpose of walking through that stuff.

So I think he kind of told us why you started your business but tell us like when you thought, or did you have a vision of the abundant collective before you started it? Or like what was that pulling your heart that was like, not even like a marketing business for Christian women, but the abundant collective, which is very different from your last business? Yeah,

yeah, it is very different. I did try and appease the Lord like, Okay, I'll start marketing for Christian businesses. And he was like, No, friend. So with this one, it was literally at a retreat. I had gone to this retreat, I was in a transition where I was still honestly grieving my business that I surrendered. Because it was with a loss. Like I'd worked really hard for that. And, and it was, it wasn't that let me say this. I think sometimes when God transitions us, the enemy has a little bit of a playground to tell you that you did it wrong. You were walking through this again, but you heard wrong. That was you weren't supposed to do any of that. And that is a lie from the pit of hell, because that season, I mean, like without that business, we never would have moved to Tennessee because we didn't have a job like we never would have done so many things. I never would have met people I never would have gained skills that led me to do this thing so but in that it was a little bit of a like this awkward where I was grieving like God you just so much through this thank you praising him also tang that was a long time in my life that I didn't know the next step. And so anyways, I went to this retreat. It was at the ocean. The ocean is my favorite place in the world, said the chick who now lives in a landlocked state. But that's, that's great. So, um, was this really and I went, I put 10 out of my mind, I was like, Okay, God, I'm just focusing on this Jesus thing. This was a Jesus thing that I had felt in my heart, that maybe I was supposed to do both. Maybe I was supposed to make Christian like all of these things. I just knew in my heart that there was something with Jesus that I needed to do, and I was not doing it. And I was not being obedient. So I went with that in mind. And he is so faithful that I just surrendered all expectations for the weekend. I didn't know anyone or any one person going there. They prayed over us. We spoke like words over each other. We learned, like heard a speaker. But I sat on the beach, like kind of what? I still have no direction. Like, I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm saying yes. And he gave me the abundant woman collective. Like literally, he gave me the name. And I was like, was that see? I'm like, I'm so smart. Maybe that was me. And so I was like, No, I checked the, you know, trademarks and Instagram and all the things and I was like, How in the world this is not taken. It is such a good name. And he told me because you haven't started it. And I was like so I had no idea what it looked like. But um, it and then he told me to do a podcast, which I didn't even like podcasts, friends. I love you. I love all my podcasters but I don't listen to a ton of podcasts. Now. I do. Yeah, yes, I didn't. I definitely did not then at all. I didn't listen to any at all. Now I do because I enjoy listening to my friends like you. But like then I didn't.

So a podcast, I had no idea. We did it though. Now it's like a top 1% of podcasts in Christian faith. It's, I get to have these conversations with women and I get to teach and train women. And so it's more than I could ask, think or imagine. It wasn't even on my radar. But because he aligned it and because he gave it to me. He's just doing his thing. He's doing whatever He wants, but it's so stinking cool. I love that and you've been on your Yes.

Right. It's funny that you said that you were like, I was not even into podcasts for God told me to make a podcast. That's how this podcast started. Guy but we make a podcast. They didn't have any. And I was like, like, sorry, is my story. But like, I was like, kicking it around. And I was like, Why? Why? Why? Why? And then I was like, finally I was like, Alright, fine. I'll record something. I don't even know what this is called. And he gave me the name too. And I was like, oh, there's literally nothing out there with this name. That's weird. Yeah. God is God. I'm telling you guys if you do not walk with Jesus every day, once you do, everything will change and it will be crazy and it will not make sense. There are no coincidences. There are no coincidences with God. It is all intentional, very specific, strategic things that he does and just As my mind blows why? Yeah,

I love your podcast, actually. Thank you. Yeah, I mean, God made it.

Okay, so what is one thing you learned on your journey that makes you unstoppable? Oh, well, I think surrendering. Because oh so good. Because, well, for me, it's twofold to because I could the only reason I would ever say like, oh, that's a really cool podcast and it's like, ranked in certainly, I have no idea what that means tangibly. Other than that, it's cool. And it's only because God did it like it's only because the act of surrender has given God the freedom to move in any way that he feels necessary for His glory and His purpose. And so when you get to that place, you get to not only release right with like, open hands, even though it's really hard. I'm not saying it's super easy, but you get to release it. And then you also I mean, you have to work and do things but you also get to take a step back and be like, look at God Moo What did God do this he Sam would have goofed this up on her own, because that's my default send mode is like in my strength and my power, it stands power ain't Jack diddly squat, right. So instead of trying to strive and do all of this, I can just sit back and be like, God, you're so cool. Look at the way you move, like, look at the miracles happen. Look at all the things that he's doing, not me. And so it's easier to give Him the glory. It's also easier to give him the pressure. Not that you know what I mean? Yeah, for sure. And sense of like, like the virtual event, like, Okay, God, I'll do it for one person, you're in control of the results. You get to do whatever else you want with it. And and then it's just it's no pressure.

Yep, no pressure. That's what I love about being able to surrender things. And I'm like, I was actually on the track was day before yesterday. And I was just like, Oh my God, I feel like I need to hear you Bo blah. And I'm just talking to him. And I'm like, I will surrender everything. And he was like, what about this one thing? And I was like, oh, yeah, okay, God after that, too. I'll come back to you. Please, hold yeah, here. I got like a cookie here. You

what, we lost it. I do think it's funny though, because there was a point where like, it was shortly after I moved. Well, no, with the business probably when I moved across the country. I was like, that's it? I said, Yes, I surrendered. We moved, like as if I would never have to surrender again. Right? It's a business thing that happened. I was like, God, I already moved across the country, like what are we doing? And he's like, no, no, you were so faithful with this and gave me your yes, that there's more for you. And I feel like that is the abundant life that I want so much for women in everyone but there's really women. I want women to love and trust God enough to surrender their life, their finances, their kids, those are my top three hard ones, right? And everything else. Um, because on the other side of the surrender is abundance. It's him. It's immeasurably more than we can ask, think or imagine, according to him. And he has better plans than us. I don't know where well, probably back in Genesis with Adam and Eve, that we thought we could do it on our own. And we knew better than him like his ways are just so much better. And so yeah, surrender. Yeah, it happened. It's the hardest part too. It is hard, yes. Don't get it twisted. We're talking all like yay, smiles and roses. This is hard work.

What is your spiritual gift? Oh, and I will say I was not surprised. Well, Jeannette told me. One of them is exhortation. Which is what abundant woman basically is.


Because like you, like, she took the quiz, y'all. And when she took the quiz, like I already knew, like, I already knew what she was gonna get. Because I was like, I know, Sam, all Sam does every single day. Like he watched her on Instagram. And she's just literally giving you more encouragement. Like, look, this is how you get deeper in your faith. This is how you can talk to God. This is how she's showing you the how every single day and that's why I love Sam because she isn't like she just saying these things. She's living it out loud. She's living it exactly how she should be doing it. And she's not saying it's easy. She's not saying that this is the simplest thing you can ever do. If you're saying, Look, this might be hard and I'm having a hard days but I'm always going back to the word, I'm always going back to God.

Yeah, and I think that is where the big sister friend part that we both sort of take on comes from because I'm not into prosperity gospel. I'm not telling you that hey, once you're Christian is going to be so good and so smooth. And now iyou heard part of my testimony and different people says you'll know that man they love Jesus, and their life sucks over Like they've gone through some stuff, you know what I mean? Yeah, nobody's giving you this, like, oh, everything's gonna be good. On the same hand, we're also not giving you this, I can do whatever I want. And Jesus will still love me. Because if you're looking for that, you gotta go somewhere else for that, because that is not being a good sister or a friend. And so the encouragement comes with hard truth. But it comes with, we're willing to walk it out with you like this, in our services in our inbox in our free groups, like we are wanting to not just tell you what to do, but come be a part of the community. And we'll do it together with you. And so tonight is really good. I mean, we have six kids between the two of us and two husbands, and lots of houses and things to be doing but we'd rather not rather but we're choosing to not just give you warm pep talks, and pat you on the back that isn't too but also points you in the direction of spiritual truth. Like is, let's see what the Word of God says about this. I know you're disappointed. Jeanette did that to me this week, literally. The results isn't what I thought was gonna happen and Jeanette gave me good coaching, lovable speaking.

We do, girl, I love you. But you got this. God's got this. Okay, like, I've got this bracelet on I wear every day, my friend gave it to me. So it's God's got this. I love that. Because I don't have to, I don't have to have this. I don't have to do anything. You guys got it?

Yeah, it's the release of like, all the pressures off. And as women, man, that is so important, because

That's the whole thing. Yeah. Like my, my, my, there's a person in my life, I'll just say, I won't call her out. That is very, on the judgey side, and makes me feel sometimes inadequate at mothering or wifing, or doing other things. And that's not fair to me. Because one I'm a people pleaser, and to God didn't make me to be that way, in the way that she wants me to be.

I am, I am a great mother, I feel like I homeschool my kids, I'm there for them. We go to every dance, everything right? I'm there. I'm a present parent. But I am not the type of woman that's going to sit around and you know, set the fire while my husband comes home and put his slippers on every single day. Give him hot cocoa. That's just not me. That's just not my nature. I love him. And I show him love in different ways. But that is not one of them. So because I don't do those things like she does for her husband. I'm in the wrong. That's not a relationship. And it's fine. We I don't run all over him. He doesn't run all over me. We are a team, we make decisions together. And he makes a final one. Whatever he says goes like, don't make me feel inadequate as a woman because I'm not your definition of what a woman should be. I'm how God made me. I'm just doing what God tells me to do. If God tells me to preach, because he made me really good at doing that. And really good and making businesses I'm going to do that because that honors God and I don't care about how you feel about it. People god


And we're all like we're, it says we're made in His likeness, right. And his image. Well, his image is so multifaceted. There is no one even in the homeschooling world, right, which is our third oh, gosh, third year like hybrid homeschooling. And so but what I've learned is that there's a huge range of like, crunchy, no technology milking cows to like Christian private school. I don't know. Like, there's a whole range of everything, right. And as a woman, there's a whole range of what womanhood looks like, mind you, this isn't biblical context, not worldly context, right? And generation matters. So like, that person is probably older and did things a certain way and did things in her home. And I fully love and appreciate and know that some women are called to just be in their home app, some women are called to be in corporate America. Yes, some of us are called to preach, and some artists are paid, right? Like, just as if we are all made in his multifaceted images. He's called us to do different things in different seasons. And so Girl, please, if you are checking in with God, then your husband and then you nobody else's opinion matters. And it stinks when it's someone you love. Because their opinion does matter. You know what I mean? Like you can say that and she was doing it now. And it might mean you have hard conversations, but it's also like, I don't on one hand, you want to be like I don't care if people say but then you do when they're close to you. And then it's just having a conversation like Hey, this is what God told me to do. If I can't do this and look, do my mothering and wife duties like this, then I'm being disobedient to the Lord. And like, That's not for you to judge. That's me and him and I will have the repercussions or whatever, you know what I mean. But I feel like too, for women like us because I get so much that, like, how do you do it all, and girly, don't my house, I'm staring at a pile of laundry that I have to step on to get to my clean clothes, my dishes have sinks in them. My kids had pizza last night, like, we are not 100% in all the areas, right, but some things are going smoothly, and some things are going great. And so that's what they see. But I wish as women we could release the pressure to have it all together all the time, even in the things God's called us to do, right. We don't have to have our life together and Instagram perfect and be perfect. We just need to do the thing that God has called us. And He will provide grace, like this business or this ministry is so different from my business, because with my business, my kids didn't really know like, Oh, you're trying to make people famous on social media or like, Oh, you're doing ads for people or commercials or whatever, right? That's what they thought. But now I can. I can teach like, hey, Mommy's gonna go on a podcast and talk to her friend and help encourage women for Jesus. Or, Hey, Mom, I need to take 30 minutes because I need to write a sermon to share it until like, you get to bring your children and your family into that. Yeah, there's grace and like, okay, my kid might watch more TV today than they did last day. Right? You know what I mean? And he, I just He provides for that and people that don't do it, don't understand it completely. But when he calls you will equip you. And I feel like he'll equip your family as well.

Right. Amen. Which is why I love homeschooling. Because I know that my vision for our family is not because we're military. So it's not tied to a place that I will be able to teach my kids and show them what living a godly life is like, firsthand and they don't have to. I don't have to like to decondition them when they come home from school. Or re re whatever then when they come home. You got you don't you can't get innocence back. So once they lose it, it's gone. So I can keep them as innocent as I can in the house too.

Yeah. Preach! Right there was a whole sermon. Yes, girl. Yes. That's why I love you because I'm like, Yes, I agree. 100% Can I get an amen right now like, yes.

What is your favorite Bible verse? This is like a hard one for me, because there's so many good ones. How about a Bible verse for your business?

se for the ministry, and John:

So do you have anything you're giving away? Yes,everything… Just kidding. Yeah, so the podcast. Then also come check out our free community on Facebook. We are a few 100 sisters that are just doing life together, getting into the Word together and encouraging and loving each other on the way and then I also have I think they're really cute. Matt things are too girly. But that's because I for women, but the scripts are cards I created scripture cards and they're just with identity scriptures to fill your heart with I did little wallet size and then like full frame because I hang that especially when I'm going through a season where man a doubt or fear or frustration I just need to constantly be reminded of who I am in Christ. And so I will post these in the fridge. I will post these on my daughter's, I will post them in the car, I will frame them up like wherever I'm going to be putting my eyeballs. I will put these little cards up and just get the word into my heart so that when the enemy tries to come at me with his lies I just face punch him with the Word of God. So I love those, download them. They're cute, they're free. And but mostly I just want you to be filled up with a word of God and who he says you are.

Amen. I feel like the devil works over time. And sometimes we get Jean outwork the devil because he tries very hard. Yep, very hard, just the karate shots.

Boom. All right, so they can find you on Facebook on the Grams, on your website. Yes, good. The free download, go download the abundant women guide Okay?

Any last takeaways? What's your number? 1-2 Punch. Give me a one two punch.

Jesus loves you. Just kidding. He does, he does. Okay. Let's see. So yeah, measurably more since we just talked about that scripture. I feel like sometimes we as women look at other women who are doing this kind of work or something where it feels bigger. And I want you sister friend that is listening to know that this measure will be more this life that God has for you with abundance that comes with surrender, not prosperity. But this life of abundance comes from living. And unapologetically fulfilled life with him, like with Christ is the center of all of it. And so He's no respecter of persons. But he does for Jeanette and I, he will do for you, and you just get to ask him and get more of him. And so don't let the enemy tell you that you're not like so and so or this person or doing this thing. He has a specific gift for you. He's called you and he will equip you for what He has for you. And so just don't let the enemy get a foothold and punch him in the face and then move forward to the abundant life that Jesus has for you.

Amen. Thank you so much, Sam, I love you so much. Thank you!

Wow, that was so good. So I know that you know somebody that also needs to hear that. So share this episode, leave a review. And I would love it if you could watch my free workshop at Jeanette peterson.com/missing piece. I'll see you guys over on the grams @jeanette.peterson

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