Episode 94

#94: Why Moving is Good for Growth

Discover how change and stepping out of your comfort zone can drive growth. Today Jeanette explores the positive life-changing effects of moving, meeting new people, and embracing your unique identity. After listening to this episode you will be ready to confidently pursue your God-given mission, and embrace change as an opportunity for growth. Tune in!

Let's talk about the profound impact of moving with confidence, breaking free from the constraints of fitting in and instead, celebrating your God-given uniqueness. Change can be a blessing and stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to extraordinary experiences. Knowing that every situation in your life is pre-approved by God makes it easier to move forward with the purpose to serve Him and bring His Kingdom to earth.  

Join Jeanette and learn how you can grow and learn while living out your mission and doing God's work. 

"Every time we move, it's like I get to be even more of the fullness of who I am because I stopped caring a little bit less about whether or not I'm going to fit in."

"God equips us to go out, reach people, and show them what that life is like."

"Do that thing and identify as such. Because when you identify, you can say, 'I am a missionary. I'm doing kingdom work." 

In this episode: 

  • How change brings blessings
  • The importance of not worrying about fitting in and instead embracing your individuality.
  • How to identify and confidently declare what you're meant to do, according to the purpose God has placed in your heart.

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Do you want God's plan for your life? Do you want to discover your calling? Do you want to build a business as a with God's will? Hey, girl. Hey, I'm do that business and faith coach. After a decade in the military, the Air Force said later and I had to find my true calling. Want to know how God directed my life?

From a cybersecurity engineer to a faith and business mentor? In this podcast, I'll teach you how to start a business, how to know your business is God's calling. Monetization techniques, how to trust the Holy Spirit and has set boundaries to listen to his Word alone, ready to become unapologetically and stoppable.

Hey, girl. Hey, you know what? I'm moving. I'm moving again. Moving across the country. Well, I'm in the middle now, so I'm moving to the west and I people have asked me how I feel about it, to be honest with you. I was kind of in shock. Or just taking it in. I guess I was only in shock.

I knew I was going to be I figured it was going to happen, but I was like, okay, now what? What's the next thing I need to do for my life and business before I go? And is this good or is this bad? And I feel like whenever God takes me somewhere, it's good. Whenever that happens, I'm like, okay, So if this is good, what did I learn here?

Who did I effect here? What was I supposed to do here? I don't know. I just get really reflective in that point. And I was thinking, you know what? Every time we move, it is a blessing. Every single time. Every time God has taken us from someplace to go somewhere else. I've met more people. I've had deeper relationships with God and I can share his love with even more people because I get into these deep, deep relationships with people in person.

And then I leave. It doesn't mean that I am any less connected to them. We're so connected on the internet, then I, as great people, are still rooting for me. I'm still rooting for them. So every time we move, it's like I get to be even more of the fullness of who I am because I stopped caring a little bit less about whether or not I'm going to fit in.

I'm not going to fit in. I have just come to realizing knowledge that I am not going to fit in. I am a former military member, which already makes me not fit in with most military spouses. I am black, which also and I had kids later in life, which also means that a lot of the people who have kids my kids age are much younger than me and I talk about God a lot.

Sometimes I curse. So those people off, they get confused. I am 100,000% dedicated to my mission from God, and I also think that God will change me when He's ready. He's been working on some deep stuff and me changing me right? Changing me. He hasn't changed my words yet. I still say that for every once in a while, probably okay.

Every day, but not as often as I used to. So I know he is changing me, but I feel like he was changing other things first. Like he stopped me from smoking. He stopped me from drinking. Those, I think, were more important to him than saying the F-word every once in a while. And I'm not causing anybody out.

I'm just using it as an adjective, you know what I mean? Anyways, I think that when I move with a military picks, it is a great thing. When we first moved here to Warrensburg, Missouri, which is a little town in the middle of Missouri, I didn't know what to think straight up, did not think I have done some ancestry and I know that my family, my roots go back here.

When I see my roots, I mean, like I trace as far back as I could from the person who escaped slavery. And it was here, Warrensburg, Missouri. That was it. That was the pinnacle of my research. I could not find anything past the guy who was gay from slavery. And that guy's name is Robert. So shout out to Robert.

Okay. And living here in this town and showing up in the way that I did as a person of color in this town where my ancestors are from, my literal ancestors are from or came to or whatever you want to call it. And being blessed to speak on stages in front of white people, to be in the community, like integrated, full on with, with people that are white and brown, it is such a blessing.

Like it like sometimes I think that when we get stuck or when we are in a place for too long, we stop trying to reach the next level. We stop trying to think outside the box because we have been put in the box so long, we don't even realize that we're in a cage. My 20 year high school reunion is coming up later this year and some of us will have never left.

Never left. And when you've never left and you've been with the same people for decades, you don't realize how high you can fly because you've never seen anybody fly high before. You've never seen anybody try and take off. You haven't seen it. You haven't witnessed regular people there doing regular things, doing extraordinary things, or having an extraordinary focus.

Right. So every time I move, I get to meet new people and maybe I'm the person That's the weird one, right? I'm the weird one who works from home. The home homeschooling our kids that is on fire for Jesus and talks a weird and is not trying to just stay in her house. And she's weird, y'all. She's trying to speak on stage at the church.

What is she doing? I don't know. She's black. She's on the front page of the newspaper. She's leading Bible study at the church to the old folks, The old white folks. What does she do? Who is this lady? Who is this girl? But you know what? Maybe that's what those people needed was to see somebody different, talk a little bit different, but still love Jesus as much as I do.

So what are you doing? What are you doing to step out of their comfort zone? To step out of the place that you've been for so long? What would it take for you to think a little bit differently than the things you've been thinking? I remember the first time I saw somebody work from home and homeschool. I thought she was out of her mind.

I wanted to study her. I wanted to, like, put her in, like, behind a camera so I could just watch her life and be like, Okay, what are you doing? Like what? Like, how is this working? What are you. What is. What is this? What is this? How is this successful? What does this look like? And this was pre-pandemic.

And then I realized, oh, she's literally showing her kids what the kingdom of Jesus looks like in her house all day long. She's literally the ruler of her domain. And I was like, okay, okay, maybe that's a possibility. But I didn't even think that it was a possibility because I'd never seen it before. And now if you're in that place where you're like, I'm doing something different.

What is that point where you're going to identify yourself differently? What is that? What is the point? Where are you going to say to people, I do this and be confident in that? Not Yeah, well, I was doing this and I was doing that and doing this and you know, now I'm doing this. No, I do

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